Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

Is it Sunday already? Don't forget to vote in the Best Domination Ever Contest!


Summary - My entry for The Age Of Edward contest. Late 1800's Dr Edward Masen is attracted to the beautiful Miss Isabella Swan. Rated M. AH AU Canon. Lemon Alert!

This o/s was written for the Age of Edward Contest. It's a period piece with Edward being the doctor of a small town. What happens when Bella comes to him with a series of rather strange questions? Can the good doctor help her with her "problem"? I'm guessing yes. Very steamy lemon!

Desired Distractions Love or Lust by Jasper's Sex Kitten

Summary - *Darksper* What happens when Jasper decides Bella the new girl at school, is what he wants? Can he keep himself in control or will he loose to the monster inside. Bella is not what she seems. How will he react to her secrets? *Rated M for lang/lemons*

Yet another great entry from our Show Us Your Darkside Contest, this time from the lovely Jasper's Sex Kitten. The author came up with so many intriguing ideas for this o/s, and she has hinted that she may continue it, so go leave her some love and hopefully she'll give us more. Please, Barbie, can we have some more? ;)

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