Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Entry for the Public Lovin' Contest: Alice and Bella are a couple who know how to have a good time. One night while out on the town, Jasper catches their eyes & libidos. They decide to give him a night he'll never forget...

What a delicious threesome they make. This was written for the Public Lovin' Contest, so you need to see what happens when Alice and Bella proposition Jasper for an encounter in a public restroom. Bella and Alice are a couple who like to mix things up a bit, and really, who wouldn't want to mix it up with Jasper? This truly is Jasper's lucky night. Warning...this o/s contains a steamy lemon, so don't read it at work! Congrats to the authors, the fic took second place! It was well deserved!

Rapture by AydenMorgen

Summary - Every night the music calls to her, taunting her to move, to dance for him. And every night, he claims her beneath pulsing lights and oblivious gazes, enthralled by her and her alone. Won 3rd place in the Public Lovin’ contest. Rated M for content.

Also an entry in the Public Lovin' Contest (it deservedly took third place), this o/s is so hot, it will steam up your computer screen. Imagine going to a club with this Edward... holy hell! That Bella is one lucky girl! It is very well-written and well worth the read, so what are you waiting for? Get clicking and enjoy!

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