Monday, June 14, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - The Devil Inside

Summary - Jasper, thinking he can never love again, can't wait to confess his love on Valentine's Day. But something goes terribly wrong and nothing is as it seems. Winner for Best Plot and tied for voter choice: Entry into the Lovers Scorned contest. AH J/B AU

This is one of those fics that I can't say too much about so that I don't give away the plot. But, I will say that you will enjoy this Jasper and you may even feel a bit sorry for this poor, lost soul.  This was written as a o/s for a contest, so chapter one is extremely well developed and certainly stands alone, but the ending was left open not only for interpretation, but for continuation. I'm pleased to announced that the author has decided to continue this fic.

She is currently working on chapter two and even featured a teaser on this blog last Thursday. So, my advice to you would be to jump in now while the fic is still young. This Jasper haunted me and for good reason. I wanted to know what became of him and now that Mynxi has decided to treat us to more of her brilliance, I'm going to get my wish! Cool for me...and cool for all of you. Check it out and leave her some love!

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