Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Siren's Song


Summary - Jasper/Bella/Edward AU - Bella was Edward's singer. But was it just Jasper that kept her body humming with awareness? Potential J/B/E menage. No slash. Explicit Lemons.

This story owns me at the moment. I found  it while stalking Kathy's faves. I don't know how I missed this little gem, but I'm glad I found it.

So, what happens when a girl is destined to be mated to two vampires? Lucky bitch, oh, sorry...As I was saying, Bella is attracted to both Edward and Jasper, and they reciprocate. These are not your normal Jasper and Edward characters, they are OOC. They have shared women throughout the decades and find that Bella is no ordinary woman. Here is a bit of a conversation between Jasper and Edward (not for the sensitive)...

"She's not just some random fuck, Edward. Bella's not another conquest to test the limits of what we can do with a woman."

"You think I don't fucking know that? You feel everything that I feel. Does it feel like she's just some random pussy to me?"

I knew he was right, but I was already possessive enough about her that I didn't like the thought of sharing Bella. I'd never felt for another being what I felt for Bella. And I knew what Edward felt for her wasn't far from that either. And Bella's response to both of us earlier, with me before the mutt charged in, and with Edward when he was trying to read her mind, told me that Bella's body definitely responded instinctively to both of us, wanted both of us. Woman to man. But I knew very few humans that found a ménage to be an acceptable relationship. Bella was definitely an exceptional human, but even she had to have her limits. Her boundaries. How did we get her to embrace her passion? To discard what her generation deemed acceptable and follow her instincts to be with us?

See what I mean about the OOC? And, the lemons in this fic are fantastic. They are so well written and extremely steamy. I think the most fascinating part of this story for me is Edward. He's a dominant lover and knows how to bring it out of Bella. I find it hard to find a well written, sexual Edward and I think that's because of the way he was portrayed in the books. There aren't many authors willing to explore that side of him, but when someone gets it right, man is it hot.

Jasper is as equally as sexy as Edward, and so far we've only read separate encounters with Bella. I'm hoping that avidwrtr will indulge us in a threesome, and soon. (hint, hint)  I love this story and I really think you will too. It's original and creative and puts a totally different spin on Twilight. It's definitely for the big girls. lol


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