Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday WIP Rec


Summary - A vampire's love is forever. But what if Bella chose to be with Jacob instead of Edward after Eclipse? Edward slowly loses his mind after losing Bella and will do anything to keep her. This has some Darkward in it and the story will get dark at times.

Disclaimer - Very dark themes with an incredibly dark Edward. Don't like that sort of thing, don't read!

So, I know we've been rec'ing the remaining Domination Contest Entries on Fridays, and we have four left, but we'll get to them next week. Today, Kathy found us this tasty little story and we had to talk about it.

OME! I have NEVER read an Edward quite like this portrayal. This story is brilliant. The reason for Edward's descent into madness is creative and unique. I promise that you have never read a story quite this chilling. Edward scares me, and not much scares me. lol

He is dominant, dark and cruel. I won't lie, the things he does to Bella are very disturbing, but if you like reading the darker fics, and you can take a step back and say, "it's only fiction", you'll like this story. The author has an amazing hold on the inner workings of Darkward's warped mind and it comes through effortlessly.

The story is fourteen chapters in and Winndsinger is an awesome updater. I think I've read five updates this week. It's my new crack now that The Training is over.

Okay, so this is where I finally tell you that I am a closet Edward lover. Yep, you heard me right. I love me some Edward, especially when he's all dark and shit. And, well he is so dark in this fic that you may actually question your sanity for loving him so much. Mine Alone has extremely dark scenes with an extremely dark Edward and I love every fucking second of it. I just read the newest chapter and Winndsinger amazed me yet again. I would totally beg her to update faster, but I don't have to because she updates daily. Go ahead, you know you want to read this fuck awesome fic and when you do, you'll thank us for rec'ing it to you. Oh, let me give you a little warning though, if exteme darkness isn't your thing, don't read this story, but if it is you might wanna run on over to Winndsinger's profile page and check this fic out. She's got some other amazing stories too. Be sure to leave her some love.

Wow! This fic is indeed very dark and I'll bet you've never read an Edward like this before. If you can handle really dark fics then this is definitely one that you will enjoy. It is very well written & you can be sure that the author won't leave you hanging... you'll get your updates quick-quick. Enjoy! But don't forget to heed our disclaimers, if you're not too sure about reading it.

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