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Naughty Girl for A Day - Rosella Whitlock

So, we're thrilled to have Rosella Whitlock joining us today as an honorary Naughty Girl. Rosella is the author of one of my absolute fave fics, Conflicted Soldier. I simply adore her Jasper; crave him actually. If you're not reading this fic,you so should be. She taps into his inner bad boy and brings him screaming to the surface. It makes me weak just thinking about her interpretation of him.

First off, I want to say thank you to Jasper’s Naughty Girls for allowing me the opportunity to be a Naughty Girl for the day. I just couldn’t resist the chance to recommend one of my favorite Darksper fics. Those who know me well know I’m a sucker for the Jasper/Bella pairing, especially when Jasper is a vampire, but more specifically when he’s dark and dangerous. The more dominant and sinister he is, the more I melt into a pile of goopy heated mush. That’s why I’m recommending…

The Scent of Fear by VampishVixen

This fic can be found...

Pairing: Jasper/Bella/Alice (eventually Jasper/Bella)
Rated NC-17 for a reason. (BDSM themes)

Summary: Edward leaves Bella at the Cullen house with Alice and Jasper for the weekend, when he leaves for a hunting trip with Carlisle and Emmett. However, plans change and Bella is left alone with Jasper, who reveals a new side, and a new past-time, she has never experienced. Her life is about to change in a dark and drastic way.

You may have read her other story, Sassafrass Junction, so you already know how well she writes Jasper. Now imagine him darker, more dominant, and into BDSM. This Jasper fits all my naughty needs. He knows what he wants and takes it. Not to mention, he’s rather fond of being referred to as ‘Major’ during the sexy moments and you really can’t get any hotter than that!

As mentioned in the summary, Bella is left with Jasper and Alice while Edward is away hunting. Before the night is over both Jasper and Alice have their way with a very willing Bella. I won’t give away how this is done exactly, but I will give you a little teaser…


“The smell of your fear is intoxicatin’, Isabella.”

My heart skipped a beat; while it was obviously Jasper’s voice, his tone hand changed to something quieter, more sinister. I began to sweat, my heart pounding, and I heard him inhale deeply.

I heard a zip-click sound; Jasper had pulled a small chain attached to a single light bulb that hung suspended from the ceiling. Dim light fell upon us, though we were still surrounded by shadows. I couldn’t hold back my gasp as my eyes focused on Jasper. Gone was the careful-yet-polite demeanor I was accustomed to. He stood beneath the light bulb, his posture straight as a rod, and gazed at me through narrowed eyes. His wavy blond hair had fallen over them somewhat, but I could still see his eyes were no longer gold, but nearly obsidian in color. His entire being radiated danger, and for the first time since the dance studio in Phoenix, I felt fear in the presence of a vampire. I tried to swallow, but realized my throat had gone dry. He took a step toward me and I took a step back on legs that had turned to jello.

“You know you can’t escape me Isabella, so let’s save the charade of you trying to do so,” he said to me with a smirk. “Now, you and I are going to play a little game.”


*THUD* Maybe I’m just really kinky and totally perverted, but that right there turns me on more than a fictional character should be capable of. But who am I kidding? Fictional character or not, Jasper does it for me.

An added bonus to this story is that we get a little Alice and Bella action too, and Alice can be almost as sinister as Jasper. Fortunately for Bella, she loves being painfully pleased, and finally gets the chance to express her sexuality, which was something she couldn’t do with Edward. This was one of my favorite parts between Alice and Bella…


“Sh sh sh, Bella. The rules of the game very much still apply, even when I’m in the driver’s seat. You see, it’s a mixed bag with me, my sweet. I will always comfort and soothe your pain,” she softly stroked my cheek, “it’s just that I may also be the one to inflict it upon you.” The leather struck my thigh again and I bit my lip to stifle my cry.

I felt her hands press into the pillow on either side of my head, and her tongue traced along my jaw. “My pet,” she uttered and then I felt her lips on my neck, sucking the skin softly. “Mmm, you’re like vampire candy.” Her fingers traced down and back up my ribcage, then cupped my breasts, her thumbs pinching my nipples with increasing pressure until I moaned. “Oh, there-there now, Bella,” she purred. She readjusted and then I felt her mouth on one of my rock-hard peaks, laving it first with her tongue before sucking it in. Her hand kneaded and pinched the other side as her mouth made me feel absolutely exquisite.


This was the first time we got to see Alice show us her dominant side, and this only had me craving more. You’re going to have to read more to find out how Jasper ended up in the middle of this sexy girly sandwich.

I’ve focused on the steamier parts of the story, but the plot is fabulous too. A previous lifestyle involving illegal activity of several varieties is resumed, making the story that much more interesting. Throw in Peter as Bella’s new partner in crime, and VampishVixen’s ever present sense of sarcastic humor, and you can see how this story has every angle covered. VampishVixen has a talent for making her characters feel real. They have flaws, they make mistakes, and you get a raw sense of who each character is. Her style of writing flows so well, it’s like a movie playing in your head, and before you know it you forget you’re reading.

The Scent of Fear is nine chapters in and just keeps getting better. Go check it out for yourself! I promise you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to leave her some love!

Thank you, Rosella. I know which fic I'll be reading tonight! 

If you'd like to be a Naughty Girl for a Day, we'd love to have you. Please e-mail us and we'll set you up with a Monday. The post is yours to do what you please. You can pimp your Dom/Dark story, rec/review and talk about what dark, sexy characters do it for you. Feel free to include banners/pictures too!


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