Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonders


Summary - Edward had never questioned himself, or his relationship with Jasper. Until he met her. E/B/J - rated M for a reason. This was my entry for the Friday Free For All over on Twilighted.

As if Jasper and Edward weren't sexy enough as a couple, now Edward has eyes for Bella. What happens when Jasper encourages an encounter between them. It gets pretty steamy. With Jasper cheering them on (quite literally) things get pretty hot. Can Edward handle his first experience with a woman? How does Bella respond to Jasper coaching his lover through it? Read and you'll see...


Summary - A One Shot of Epic propotions for FannyLeMikehunt's birthday. It's every cliche ever...and it's a trainwreck. AH/AU M obviously

So my internet was down yesterday and so was I. :( I had been reading a story called Eight Days A Week by 107yearoldvirgin on my cellphone. By the way, that story is amazingly beautiful and you should totally read it, but I digress. I went into her Author Page on FF and found this absolutely freaking hilarious o/s. I laughed so hard, I snorted the fruit juice I was drinking out my nose. Charming! It is so full of our favorite cliche's that you just HAVE to read it. It certainly made me feel better about not having internet access. Enjoy!

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