Friday, June 4, 2010

Domination Friday

So, we're back with two more entries from our Domination contest. Today we have a hot Carlisle fic that totally stunned us and a very steamy Jasper fic that shows us exactly why he's the Major. Very sexy stuff going on here...


Summary - Aro has his eye on the pure and innocent Carlisle Cullen. What does it take to tempt an angel? Will Aro catch him if he falls?

Actually, Carlisle is the sub in this one, but I still wanted to use the new banner. Hopeforastalemate has such a handle on Carlisle. She takes him places I never would have imagined him going. A Carlisle/Aro pairing? It works here. The story is set during Carlisle's time spent with the Volturi and Aro can't seem to leave him alone. Will Carlisle reciprocate? Aro makes one hot dominant lover. That's all I'm saying... 

Okay so I have to say that Carlisle submitting to Aro was HOT! Hopeforastalemate is the author that actually got me to read Carlisle/Aro pairing and for that I must thank her. She can deliver Carlisle in the most amazing ways and in this o/s, well she definitely gives you Carlisle in a whole new light. A dominating Aro was extremely sexy and when you add a sub Carlisle in the mix, well you get the perfect pair. Absolutely yummy!
  Hopeforastalemate always delivers a Carlisle that you are not expecting, but always know this... he is definitely going to be HOT! Aro & Carlisle make for a suited pair in this o/s and dominant Aro is pretty damn hot too. If you haven't read this yet, get on over there right now & give it a read. It's worth it.


Summary - When Jasper finally meets up with Bella again, the Major comes out to play. My entry for the Best Domination Ever Contest.

Oh Jasper, who wouldn't want to play with you? Especially when you're all controlling and dominant. Sorry... This characterization of Jasper is one of the sexier ones. He tries hard to keep this darker side of himself locked up, but the vampire in Bella unleashes the Major in him. My favorite part is...

In that instant I knew that I would have to show her who was boss. It was the only way I knew to get myself out of the predicament I now found myself in.
"Bella" I said as I flipped her over on her back. "Little one, I think you need to learn your place. You belong to me, not the other way around."
OMJ...I just about melted. Who wouldn't want to belong to Domsper?

Oh My Jasper! I was just about speechless when I read this one. I would have given myself to Domsper in a heartbeat and never thought twice about my decision. I love Jasper in this o/s. Oh and when the Major comes out to play, I damn near turn into a puddle of goo. I love, love, love this o/s and Musings definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to writing the Major. She left me wanting so much more.

A dominant Jasper is just about the hottest damn thing ever! Who would be able to deny him? Not me! And then, when the Major makes an appearance, well, let's just say Bella doesn't stand a chance (and neither would I). So hot! You have to read this. Go leave the talented author lots of love! She deserves it for writing the Major like that!

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  1. Thank you ladies :) It was a bad day yet that just cheered me up. I'm all giddy. And Kathy your kind words just inspired me to pick up my pen again, thank you.

    Thank you ladies :) I am happy to share my visions of the Major when I can.