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Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

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 Dark Desires by Darkspers Priestesses
(JaspersIzzy and Jaspers Sex Kitten)

Emmett/Bella (Darkmett)

Chapter 5

Bella's POV

I laughed as Alice took my hand and drug me into the house. I found a

drink, said hi to a few people as I made it over to the wall. I was

feeling uncomfortable with all the eyes on me and it made me nervous.

I turned when I heard someone right next to me start talking. There he

stood all 6' of stupid. He just didn't get it. I rolled my eyes and

started to walk away, when he grabbed my arm and pushed me into the


"I think I want you to come... with me," he said into my ear. Ugh!

"Fuck off!" I hissed, again trying to walk away from him.

Yet again he was really starting to piss me the fuck off. He pushed me

back into the wall, placing a hand on either side of my face.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said as he leaned in to kiss me.

Then he was gone. I looked up to see Emmett pulling him back from me.

His eyes were black and he was shaking. I felt scared, but not for me,


for this idiot.

"Get the fuck off of her!" he said, through clenched teeth.

"Emmett," Jasper said as he grabbed his arm. "Dude, relax."

Jasper looked at me as Alice came to my side. "Are you okay?" she

whispered to me. I nodded not trusting my voice.


Chapter 3 Teaser:

Preoccupied with the bits of broken glass that I was removing from the floor, I did not notice as Bella picked up a particularly ragged shard. I did, however, notice immediately, my head whipping around to face her, venom already dripping from my lower lip, when said shard pierced the flesh of her index finger.

I would like to say that my willpower held. It did not. I had enough trouble resisting her when we were in the same room, but now? Now, as I watched a single droplet of that crimson ambrosia seem from the tear in her skin, it was impossible.

I stared at it for a moment, as she pinched the finger between the thumb and index of her other hand, causing the droplet of blood to grow even larger, barely realizing that I was licking my lips in anticipation. My throat burned ravenously, and I could feel my muscles, acting without my permission, tensing, readying my body to pounce on my prey.

Time passed, I believe, though I could never say how much, as I stared at that blood, willing myself to resist as I scooted closer to her. When I was finally close enough to reach the young woman, my hand shot out, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her injury closer to my face. I'm sure she assumed I was just trying to get a closer look. I wasn't. I had seen enough. It was finally time for a taste. 


Chapter 43: Negotiations (CPOV)

Quil nodded curtly, and Aro clapped his hands in response. I didn't miss the roll if Caius' eyes.

“I'm so very pleased to meet you, of course,” Aro said to Quil, then looked up at the rest of the pack to extend the greeting to them. I heard the low growling of the pack behind me – they were not nearly as pleased by the meeting, of course.

Aro's face fell, he obviously had heard the response from the wolves as well. “Why such hostility? I've come here to make your acquaintance, hoping that the Volturi may find friends in you as well as the Cullens have.”

“That will never happen,” Quil said firmly. The tenor of the alpha was evident in his voice, and I doubted even the Volturi, despite their unfamiliarity with the pack, had missed it. “Our purpose is protecting humans,” Quil spat, his voice laced with fury and disgust. “Why in the hell would we ever make friends with the bloodsuckers who killed a whole nightclub full of humans last night?”

While Aro's face registered shock at Quil's reaction, Caius's was contorted with rage. His hands curling into fists at his sides, Caius began to yell “It is our...” before Aro's hands came up to stop him. It was very clear to me in that moment that Caius was something of a loose canon, one that Aro was trying his best to control. I wondered how long that control would last.


I sighed, "Bella?" Her head snapped up to look at me just like it did the first time, when I woke up. "Come here." I said as I reached my arm out for her.

She took a small step back instead of coming towards me. I took larger step towards her and then another one closing the distance between us. I wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her to me. She didn't fight me but she didn't come without force either. "All I have wanted since you sat down next to me in that class was you. If this is what you want then I will give it to you." I said softly in her ear as I moved a few stray hairs behind her ear, breathing heavily on her ear. I leaned in and planted a few soft kisses along her neck and returned to her ear taking the lobe into my mouth and lightly suckling it. I felt her body soften and shiver against me.

The next thing I knew I woke up in a hospital looking room. "Mr. Whitlock?" a voice sounded from next to me. I looked over to see a lovely older looking woman who had the same kind of bronze hair as Edward. I knew his mom was a nurse I wonder if this was her. In the three years that I had known him I'd never met his family. "Yes?" I said in a whisper my throat hurt and was scratchy.


Chapter 27

“I really don’t want to leave this house,” he whispered against my jaw. “I shouldn’t allow you to be seen in public in that dress.”

Did he not like the dress? “I don’t have to wear it,” I said. “If you don’t like it.”

“Bella,” he whispered as he slipped his hands up underneath of the dress, resting them on either side of my hips. “You are simply mouth-watering. You’re the most spectacular woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at.” He pressed his lips against my mouth and quickly allowed his tongue to find mine. He circled his thumbs over my hipbones and then slipped them up under the sides of my panties.

My mind was racing as my body anticipated his next move. Was he going to take me right on the steps?

“As I said,” he whispered in my ear, and the vibration of his voice shot right between my legs. “You look amazing, but I need you to do one thing.”

“Yes,” I couldn’t imagine what he wanted, but I would do it.

“Go back upstairs and take off your panties,” he said as he tugged on either side of the thin material.

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