Monday, July 26, 2010

Cullen818 - Fic Rec


Summary - The dark tale of Bella wanting to die after Edward leaves her in the woods. Can Jasper give her the will to live again.

This is different than the darker fics I'm used to rec'ing. This time Bella is lost and quite possibly beyond help. Jasper has left the Cullens and has decided to put his Psychology Degree to use. He comes on staff at the state mental hospital where Bella has been a patient for the past five years. Can Jasper do what twenty other doctors have failed to accomplish?

The story is six chapters in and so far has mostly been in JPOV, but the author has done a fantastic job of setting the plot and establishing Jasper's voice.  This set up is perfect for our resident empath and I have a feeling if anyone can pull Bella out of this, it's going to be him. The story contains very mature themes, deals with suicide and mental illness, so if that doesn't seem like it's for you, then don't read it.

The reason I think that I like this one so much is because of the realistic, darker content matter. It uses the fictional characters that we all love (keeping them vampires) while mixing in reality. I personally always thought that Bella was a bit unstable, emotionally, and I think it's quite plausible that she would have a full mental break down after Edward left her.

I'm curious to see how Jasper gets through to her. If you're looking for a different take on the "Edward leaves Bella in NM and doesn't come back", check this one out. It's intense, but definitely worth the read.


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