Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday


Summary: When life goes to hell in a hand basket for the Cullens, Bella breaks completely. It's going to take a strong vampire and a lot of will power to build her up and help get her revenge.


I laughed. Jasper stepped away from me, realizing that it wasn’t happening today. “You’re an idiot, Carlisle.” I told him, pulling on a tank top that fit my form and stopped an inch above my belly button. “A fool too blind to see what’s really in front of you. Edward left me. Remember? Willingly, I might add. The moment I started to lose it.”

I pulled my hair back into a bun and faced him as he shook his head. “He left to protect you, Bella. He left to keep you out of Volturi hands and keep Renesmee safe.” Carlisle claimed.

I snorted. “Is that what he told you?” I asked, deadpan. My voice sounded dark, even to my own ears. “You know nothing.” I told him, staring at the floor as my mind returned to that night. “You were too busy to care…"

"... I broke completely.” I told Carlisle. “The next thing I remember is yesterday.” I covered my face with one hand and wrapped the other around the chasm that was threatening to reopen in my chest. The same one I thought closed. “Because you didn’t stop him when you saw my state. Because you didn’t stand up to Aro and be a fucking vampire. You had to play the submissive human, just like always.”

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