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Naughty Girl For A Day - Winterstale

Today, I'm please to announce that we have winterstale joining us! If you're into the D/s fics (and we all know I am) then you must be reading The Garden. If you're not, you are missing one very well written, hot, thought out story. It's an Emmett/Kate pairing, and this Dommett is delicious! After you're done reading this post, I highly encourage you to pop on over to winterstale's profile page and give it a shot!

So, without further ado, I bring you our guest for the day...

I have a confession to make, Jasper’s Lovely Ladies.

Does this little bit of Jasksper-yum soften the blow?

Pssstt….He’s my Jasper. *sigh* Oh, right….the Naughty Girl For a Day thing…oops…

I feel like I failed you all.

Knowing the audience here at JNG, I wanted to unearth some previously unknown nugget of Jasper-splendiness to pay tribute to my favorite 167 year old Texan. However, let’s be frank (OK, I’ll be Shirley…no…sorry, wrong movie), you girls know it all, don’t you? Every single canon, non-canon, slash, crack-tastic, lemon-rific bit of Jasper is well-covered territory here in the JNG halls. So…um…how about something completely different?

Ladies, I give you Miss Rosalie Hale.

Now, hang on…don’t flounce on me. I know what you’re thinking. In fact, I may have thought the same thing a time or two myself. But both of these stories feature a well-written, non-bitchy Rose who’s canon characteristics are there but deftly expressed to reveal a strong, determined, and sexually matter-of-fact woman. They’re worth a read and I promise you’ll get a Jasper fix from at least one of them.

High Class by Emerald-Rosalie  is my first recommendation. In the prologue, Rosalie pulls no punches and lets us know exactly where she stands.

First things first, before you read any more, you should know one thing.

I'm a whore.

Not in the most conventional sense of course, but in a carnal way all the same. I sleep with men for money. Sure, it's not the easiest way to make money, but it some ways it's the most fun.

Why not get paid for doing something that you evidently love?

Sex is sex, sex is life, and sex is…profitable.

Don't think I don't know what you're thinking.

You're thinking that I'm a slut who should know when to keep her mouth shut and be discreet. In a way, you'd be right. I should learn to keep my mouth shut, but you know what?

I can't.

I'm Rosalie Hale, and this is my life.

In High Class, we see Rosalie at work with some very familiar clients. These gentlemen have interesting and varied fetishes that Miss Hale comments on with her familiar no-nonsense attitude. Mr. Whitlock’s girls will be rewarded, even in this Rosalie/Emmett focused story. Emerald-Rosalie takes the old saw ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ to it’s most hilariously absurd end but also gives Jasper’s ladies a lovely and sweet little confection very worthy of sighs as big as a Texas sky.

In High Class, Emmett is absolutely fantastic: the kind of Em fans of the big man relish and are rewarded with far too infrequently. He’s intelligent, masculine, without pretense, and absolutely loyal to his Rosie. He is Rose’s humanity in this story, balancing the artifice of her chosen profession with a solid, real presence who never lets her lose herself entirely in the masquerade of a high-end sex worker. We see Emmett through Rosalie’s eyes and it is quite a view. Kudos to Emerald-Rosalie for creating the kind of Emmett I wish we would see more of in fan fiction.

I’m passing along my second recommendation with reservations. Not because of the quality of the story but because Jasper is not present in this fic at its current state of progress. I’ve also tried to contact the authors and cannot ascertain if they’ve let it go into hiatus or have walked away from it. However, what has been posted is so fantastic I can’t help but giving it a push and hope that enough of you will read and review that the writers will be convinced there is an audience for this story. The story in question is English Rose, a Rosalie and Edward focused BDSM fic written by Lamb and Lion, a collaboration between CorvidCoccinelle and Chandler1200.

Rose appears in a familiar guise as a BMW engineer sent to London to consult on the production of a new vehicle. Her friend, and the first Dom who recognized and nurtured her submissive nature, Edward meets Rose at Heathrow Airport and before jet-lag has a chance to set in, Rose is off to a very intensive and visually stimulating BDSM club.

Five hours later, we prepared to leave the gorgeous apartment that Edward had near Hyde Park. The view from the large windows was something out of my dreams. I stood at the window staring at the city beyond in my new corset and micro miniskirt. Edward had always preferred me in red so it was no surprise that the leather tightly bound around my torso was a deep crimson. The moment I heard the click of his bedroom door, I grasped my hands behind my back and dropped my chin toward my chest. I heard his footsteps behind me but I didn't move.

"I did train you well didn't I?" he said from closer behind me than I expected. The rigid set of my spine in the tightly laced leather made it easier to hold my tongue.

"Turn around and look at me."

I did as he said and got my first look of Edward the Dom in more than a half dozen years. He was dressed in all black. The perfectly cut shirt stretched across his chest in such a way as to leave no doubt of the perfection that lay beneath. His leather pants were obviously custom made, as were most of his "playtime" implements. A small panel at the groin promised easy access to the unbelievable package that lie beneath.

"A few ground rules before we leave. I am not your Dom or Master but for the evening, I expect you to call me sir. You do not need to ask permission to speak or interact with anyone unless it would require you to leave my side. We will most likely meet several friends of mine. I expect you to show them the proper respect. I, in turn, will not expect you to participate in anything tonight. I do not have the authority to command you. I will respect your wishes and desires as to any activities you wish to partake in, so long as your safety is assured. Do we understand each other?"

I held my tongue.

"You may speak," he said with a smirk.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

"Then come my lovely. Let me show you my London."

The club that he drove us to was unlike anything I'd ever been to. The building itself was massive. As he led us toward the door, he placed his hand at the small of my back. I instantly dropped my head upon contact and heard the low chuckle from beside me. The thundering music enveloped us the moment he opened the door and guided us inside. From my view of the floor, swirls of lights in every color shifted from pattern to pattern as he guided us further into the belly of the structure.

At this elegant-industrial fetish smorgasbord called the Fetish Lounge, Rose encounters two of the best original characters I’ve encountered in fan fiction, Lady Laura Ashton, also known as Mistress Lola, and her sidekick Bosie, another English aristocrat and modern-day dandy. The ladies known as Lion and Lamb give us enough information to really know who Lady Laura and Bosie are without allowing their introductory chapter to devolve into a pure info dump. These two are just as well-composed as Edward and Rose, not to mention the relationship between the two OCs is sparkling with the sardonic familiarity of the English upper class. The Lady Laura and Bosie show is worth a read, even if you don’t care for BDSM fic.

However, if you do…whoa!

Lion and Lamb waste absolutely no time showing who is in charge in their little universe, not to mention the spell the UberDomme, Mistress Lola casts before her as she and Bosie navigate the Fetish Lounge’s Halloween Ball. The kink begins almost immediately and never fully abates, even in a quiet and woody pub.

And then….it ends. No more updates.

Candler1200 and CorvidCoccinelle both have their own fics that are currently updated so they are still writing in the fandom. I think, after corresponding with them when this fic debuted, they were concerned about an audience for English Rose. Please, I implore you, if you read this – and yes, some of the images are hardcore kink – and find yourself as enchanted by the characters these ladies have created as well as the very realistic depiction of London life for ‘that sort’, let Lion and Lamb know they are appreciated, their work is truly original, and it does have an audience. There are very few Dommes written in Twilight fanfic and given some of the ladies we have to work with, that’s a crime. Even though Lady Laura is an OC, she co-exists, along with Bosie, beside completely familiar canon characters quite easily. As a writer of original characters myself, I have nothing but admiration for Lion and Lamb. They add their own creations seamlessly to a world inhabited by Edward and Rose .

English Rose is a finely-written, elegantly kinky fic that, provided the ladies of Lion and Lamb choose, should absolutely continue. BDSM fics are really gaining popularity in the fandom and, with all due respect, there is room at this little play party for more than DomWard. I hope to see Lady Laura, Bosie and the rest of English Rose around the kink side of fan fiction very soon.

Thanks so very much to Miss Steph and the ladies of JNG for this fantastic opportunity to do one of my favorite things – go on about my own opinions! Lol I can’t express how grateful I am to Jasper’s Naughty Girls for their support and recognition of my own BDSM fic The Garden, as well as it’s sideshot The Request. And of course, I’ve loved being a naughty girl for a day. Now I have something dirty to confess to DomMett! Ooh… punishment time!!! ; )

Thanks so much for joining us today. And, I can even forgive you for confessing that your Jasper is not my Jasper get me an update of The Garden very soon!


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