Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - The Beginning and the End


Summary - After Edward leaves in New Moon Bella is heartbroken, now that she's out of the haze she sees things weren't at all what they seemed. With this new info a new Bella comes out, she is no longer a naive little girl but a woman with a purpose. AU

So, after my exciting week last week of not only getting to meet and have a conversation with Jackson, but getting to see Eclipse too, I've been on a Jasper kick. Yes, I know, I'm always on a Jasper kick, but I do rec the other Cullen men from time to time.

This creative little tale caught my eye when the author e-mailed me to check it out. I'm thrilled she did! I know there are so many of you out there that like to read a strong, independent Bella. This is the story for you. At times, I feel bad for poor Jasper. But, since this is a J/B pairing, I have a feeling he'll be just fine.

The story is nine chapters in and another of my faves has been introduced to the plot...Peter, in all his southern glory, I might add. The chapters are long and the story is intense, so if you're looking for a story to read this summer that will leave you wanting more, check this one out. There's plenty of intrigue and mystery.

Please note that it does get dark and violent at times, but since you're here looking for my recs, that probably doesn't bother you.


  1. I should have come by here sooner! Thank you so much for rec'n this doll! I got so much love from people telling me they found my story off of her! You girls are great!!!! Thanks again!

  2. Oh yes, The Beginning and The End is one that I've been waiting on an update for months! I used to read only Complete fanfics, but when I'd read all or most of them (especially Jasper/Bella and Peter Bella) I waded into the in progress ones; however, I hate feeling that some have been abandoned just as they get good, or in some cases, with only about 2 chapters left to go. Anyway, I just clicked to FOLLOW your blog and look forward to recs and great convo's about fanfics out there that I may have missed. Happy New Year!!

  3. P.S. If you need another reviewer, please let me know. I used to review all the Harlequin Temptations for an online website that no longer exists *pout* called Romance Communications or RomCom. I also worked on AOL for 8 years for The Book Reporter, doing author chats, book/reading/author/word games and anything else along those lines (like message boards for authors). You can reach me at letsjustdance@aol.com