Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

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I watched Jasper run out of his house in total disbelief. What was it about me that ran the good guys off? I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want to go back to James, but that I had to. Charlie’s life depended on every move I made and I refused to be the reason it had to end. Why couldn’t he understand? I had thought that maybe he was pissed that he had spent so much money on me and I refused to stay, but he assured me that wasn’t the reason. I sat back on the couch and absorbed the silence that surrounded me. Surely he was coming back soon. I let my head sink into the back of the couch and closed my eyes. I decided I would give him a little time to cool off before trying to figure how I was going to get back to James’s.

My mind wandered back to the dreams I had been having. I still couldn’t get over the fact that my angel had turned out to be Jasper. I could picture my tall golden-haired hunk of an angel, but now I had a face to put with it. Golden eyes, strong jaw and lips just begging to be kissed. I wasn’t for sure where those thoughts came from, but was glad when they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Thinking it was Jasper, I kept my eyes closed. “Jasper, I’m really sorry…”


A strange voice brought me to attention. I quickly opened my eyes and sat straight up. A beautiful woman stood in front of me. She looked to be about my height with auburn hair and eyes to match.


Chapter 35

Riley was no longer paying attention to me as he looked around the lake. I heard the distress in his thoughts.

“You’re missing one,” I stated.

“He was just here,” he said. “I told them to stay away from the house.”

Just as I was about to head inside to find Bella, I heard her screaming.

“Edward!” She was frantic. “Please Edward…make him stop!”

“I’ll kill him,” I yelled over my shoulder to Riley as I ran into the house, flying up the steps to where Bella was. I kicked open her door and saw her pinned against the opposite wall. He was growling and baring his teeth. I heard his thoughts. His blood lust was over powering him, but I hoped it was worth his life.

He turned and growled at me once he realized I was in the room.

“Edward!” Bella screamed, and I could see from the grip he had on her that she was in pain. “Don’t let him bite me.”

“Get away from her,” I growled. “That’s your only warning.” He didn’t move, but his thoughts grew louder. He didn’t care the consequence, he wanted to taste her.

“Aiden,” Riley tried to coax him from Bella. “Don’t do this.”

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