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Naughty Girl for A Day - eviekinz

So, two weeks ago, I started reading Surrendered and became completely enthralled with it. It's an amazing display of what it means to be in control, and in my opinion, one of the better written fics out there. I rec'd it here, so if you haven't started reading, what are you waiting for? lol

I'm pleased to announce that the author has agreed to be our guest today...

When I first got a message from Cullen818 asking me if I would host, I thought for sure she’d made a mistake.

But, no; she was for real, and so was my answer: “Fuck yeah, I’ll do it.” You would have thought Ryan Seacrest asked me to step in and host his radio show for a day for all the excitement radiating off me.

Then, panic set in…”Oh no! What will I talk about? Will it be interesting? Will they lose followers because I suck?” It was all highly emotional and irrational.

So here I am, it’s Monday morning and I have my own blog for a day. In the immortal words of The Geto Boys, “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta…”

When I started reading Twilight fanfiction, it was to fill a void. Come on- you all know the void I’m talking about…*leans in and whispers* …SM’s fade to black. I wanted some good old fashioned fucking love making, but would have settled for some heavy petting.

I was also a little obsessed (obsessed might not be a pervasive enough description). So I went to the web and googled, “Twilight support group.” No, I’m not kidding.

Now, I write a fic that revolves around dominance and submission and find myself scouring the depths of fanfic sites for the perviest stories. My hubs wonders how on earth I’ve become such a sexual degenerate in the last year and a half, solely based upon a book that reveres abstinence and sex after marriage. Honestly, I have no idea and don’t plan on spending the time to figure it out.

Dark themes have become increasingly more prevalent in this fandom. I speak only from my Twilight fandom experience and expertise, because I have never read another stitch of fanfic in any other realm. (What? Harry Potter fanfic creeps me out a little).

So what exactly is the appeal? I guess it’s different for everyone, but I think the most prevalent might be the realization that real life is not about happily ever after. Shit happens. And we want to read about it. Makes us feel connected to something. Either that or we are just emotionally stunted. That theory works too.

The other theme that seems to be running rampant these days is Fetish fics.

I’m careful with the language I use here, because there is a trend to label everything “BDSM.” The teacher in me can’t let you continue without a mini lesson. The origination of BDSM is from the root terms: bondage and discipline (B&D, B/D, or BD), dominance and submission (D&s, D/s, or Ds), sadism and masochism (S&M, S/M, or SM).

I write a D/s fetish fic. There is no bondage or sadism. Zero discipline or abuse. It’s about control, and the need to control someone else to maintain power of one’s own self. So, I’m a little overzealous when someone calls it a BDSM fic (although I would probably get more reviews if I did), because it’s not. We all know the list of popular “BDSM” stories- many of them are quite good, but there are other fics out there that are based in fetish, and are just as scandalous and well written.

Because I’m a ‘Control fetish’ whore, I picked two stories that have a “D/s” or “control” theme: Dinnertime by Giveusakiss413 and Raw and Rosy by Tuesdaymidnight .

Let’s kick this kink fest off by talking a bit about a little fic called Dinnertime by Giveusakiss413:

First, the title is pure genius. I mean dinnertime is classically this wholesome time when the family gets together and shares their day (anyway, it used to be). This ‘Dinnertime’ is more of a time when this family (boy and do I use the term ‘family’ loosely) seems to be afraid of exposing themselves. Every character is deeply flawed, each trying desperately to hide it.

Dinnertime. Dinnertime at the Cullen's was the highlight of my weekends, as completely pathetic as that sounds, it was still true.

Dinnertime is a breath of fresh air for many reasons. Where there are so many clich├ęs in the fandom these days, it's nice to have a break from the norm. This Bella doesn't think Edward is all cute and perfect.

Edward's soup falls out of his mouth. I hate watching him eat.

When I started reading this story, I'll admit I hoped for a Bella and Edward hook-up (despite the fact its description lists this fic as a Bella/Carlisle pairing), but now, quite frankly, it's the B x C action that revs my engines.

I nodded, captivated. He hooked his foot in a chair and effortlessly brought it over, seating me in his lap.

He tapped my ass, and I sat up a little, and he glided my panties off, snapping the elastic on my knees.
He spread me open, and we looked in the mirror.
"That's mine." I had never… looked before.
At myself, there.

I'd seen it in porn, and all that, and Alice was always a little too open with nudity, but I'd never seen mine.

I tilted my head to the side, taking it in. It was pink, and shaved because hair was messy and gross.
I was wet, and all glistening.
Carlisle spread my legs wider, and I saw more.
It was… pretty, sort of.

Carlisle had that look again, like I was art. I felt beautiful, all spread out and waiting while we looked over what was his.

He reached down with me still in his lap, and traced my knees. "Mine," he stated.

In this story, Carlisle is so disregarding with Bella, and she is accepting of the debasement he delivers. She's willing to endure his cruelty just to have the physical euphoric feeling Carlisle brings her.

"I'm sorry; I was figuring some things out." I know now what the answer is, what the answer needs to be. He raises an eyebrow. He doesn't even bothering to speak to me. I need to fix this.

"I didn't need to figure it out… I don't need to figure anything out."

I look up, and every feminist ideal, every book I've read and rage I have fucking raged over inequality dies right here when I meet his eyes. I just want him to look at me.
"You'll tell me what I need to know, what I need to do… I don't need to figure us out, just…"
"There is no us, Isabella." He is still angry. "I was just using the term, I know that."

He looks me over slowly. Quietly. He surveys the scene before him.
"Knees." Yes. Better.

I drop down instantly and my knees sting but it’s just physical, and I can deal with bruised knees.

"Show me you're sorry." He takes his cock out and I am forgiven. I lick, and he's not angry. I nibble and he hisses and it's all better. I suck and ignore my natural reaction to gag and I was seen again. I am safe and protected and needed. Wanted.
Not his. But I don't need to be his, I just need this.”

I’m not ashamed to admit chapter 2 is booked-marked for my moments of “relaxation” and *ahem* “massage.”

(Insert caveat here)
Here’s the thing: This story is dark…but it’s fucking hot as hell. Perhaps it’s my twisted nature that loves the pure perverseness of the relationship that unfolds in the first few chapters.

“Here's how this is going to work. I touch you when I say. I stop when I say. When I don't want you, I won't take you."
He dropped a sweet kiss on my ear like he was giving me a treat.
"When I do want you, I will take you, regardless of what you're doing, or where you are."
The word 'yes' was on the tip of my tongue, but he stopped me.
"This isn't your choice. I do not need your consent."

As Dinnertime unfolds, we see an internal struggle within Bella. She knows this is wrong. She knows she’s betraying her family, and for a time, she contemplates stopping.

The story takes a turn in later chapters (ch 10):

I hold [Edward’s] hand now, and guide it down my stomach.
The tips of his fingers make me cold, and goosebumps pop up.
We unbutton my Edward-sanctioned tiny fucking skirt, and I use his other hand to push it down my hips.
I step away, and hop onto the bed.
"Shirt off." He complies.
"Pants." So obedient.
My heart is racing.
He smiles and shakes his head.”

The development of Bella dominating or controlling Edward as she has been subjugated by Carlisle; her search for another outlet, already modeled by daddy C...she's seeking the control she's lost. It's genius. However, there should be no confusion about where the story is headed. This is NOT a BDSM story. No one will be falling in love; not every story has a happy ending. And sometimes a teenage boy is interested in a girl simply because he wants to get his dick wet.

It’s a story about a girl trying to get back what she’s lost-control- the only way she knows how.

…It's about a breakdown of a teenage girl, a loss of ideals and self. [Bella] KNOWS she's hurting herself and everyone else, but she cares less and less…she spirals, and so does everyone around her…[Bella’s] ruining a family that didn't have enough foundation to start with. ~ GiveusaKiss413

Before Dinnertime, I can honestly say I was a canon-pairing only kinda girl. GiveusaKiss413 popped my alternate pairing cherry and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The next fic is an Edward/Jasper slash pairing.

I think Tuesdaymidnight says it best with the disclaimer she leaves for her story:

“ Warning: This is a spank!fic. It has a great deal of PWP and contains EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT. This is not exactly a bdsm story. Edward and Jasper are seniors in high school, both 18, so they don't have a lot of experience. They naturally fall into a sort of d/s dynamic, and this is a story of how they work through this discovery. Though this is 80% smut (and the smut is not entirely realistic), I see the remainder as a character study into Jasper's psyche. If this is not your cup of tea and/or if you are not of legal age - please stop reading now. ”

I couldn’t have said it any better had I tried (even though I didn’t).

The appeal to R&R is simple…2 hot boys fucking each other; well, that and the power play dynamic. It’s a story of role reversal. Edward is a popular kid, powerful

I hated the way he smiled that obnoxious crooked half smile. I hated the way the other guys at school tried to get their hair to stay up the way his so casually did. I hated the way all the girls at Forks High soaked their panties every time he walked by. I hated hearing my sister swoon about him ever since the first day he showed up in Forks. I hated the way he was so aloof and basically a dick to everyone, but somehow had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. I hated that I was no longer big man on campus.

Reality check: they hate each other. They can’t stand to share the same air. But perhaps it’s the pure hatred, or maybe the passion for the hatred, that fuels this flame…

I gave Cullen a quick slap on the ass, as if we had just been wrestling for sport…

There is a bit of a “boys will be boys” mentality, but it’s transparent at best. Neither Edward nor Jasper is easily fooled into thinking this.

Cullen's reaction was unmistakable. His body tensed and his face turned a rosy color, but it was his expression that was the most revealing.
He was aroused…

Both Edward and Jasper see it for what it is- right off the bat.

His shoulders were slumped down, and it was obvious that [Edward] was trying to conceal his groin. I sneaked a glance, and I did not miss the unmistakable bulge that was impossible to hide in his ridiculous skinny jeans…
I tried to catch his eye, to let him know that I knew, but he kept his eyes trained away from me. I knew he could feel my eyes on him, though, because his blush continued to deepen.

This is a power dynamic that’s reversed. Jasper’s early fascination with Edward’s ass (quite literally) is intriguing.

"Why, Edward? Why are you letting me do this? We hate each other."
Edward snorted, but he didn't deny my last claim. Instead, he looked me straight in the eye and answered immediately.
"Don't you ever get tired of being in control? Or, get tired of manipulating people? Don't you ever just want to let go and surrender all that power to someone else for a while?"
I thought about it carefully. I tried to imagine Edward telling me to bend over, or spanking my ass until it was burning raw. I couldn't.
"No," I answered. "I honestly don't."
"Well, then," Edward chuckled. "I think that's why this works. I get to surrender to the most dominant person I know, and you get to control the most dominant person you know."

There are no pretenses here. For high school age boys to willingly give in to one another and not give a second thought to the social norm is unique…

…And hot!

He didn't say a word, but he did glance over his shoulder, seemingly to see if I was still there. I silently followed him into his house. Once we were inside the elaborate foyer, he turned to me awkwardly.
"Um, can I get you anything? A drink?"
"How polite, Cullen," I sneered. "You don't need to pretend. We're not friends. I came here for one thing, and one thing only."

As the story progresses, it becomes clear the characters enjoy the game of Cat and Mouse. They mutually tease each other, making the most of their newly explored sexual relationship, as if it were a sport.

"Tell me something, Edward. What have you done to deserve this spanking?"
He let out a moan that went right to my dick.
I didn't let him answer.
"Did you stick this sweet ass of yours in my face on purpose in English class yesterday?"
"Answer me, you little slut," I demanded.
"Yes," he whispered.
"And did you let Jessica Stanley rub her tits all over you when you knew I was watching?"
"Yes," he repeated.
"Why did you do that, Edward?" I spat.
"I wanted to make you jealous," he said hoarsely.
I was taken aback by his honesty, but nothing startled me more than his next statement:
"Punish me, Jasper. Please?"
Fuck. Me.
Without another work I let my hand fly against his left cheek.

Despite the enjoyment of a good spanking on Edward’s part, it’s important to remember this isn’t a BDSM fic. This is a story about fulfilling one’s own needs through control and relinquishment. Edward and Jasper don’t love each other, but they do need each other. There are specific roles fulfilled in the partnership.

I was sort of shocked at how willing he was. I knew he had been with girls, and if rumor was any indication, he was a damn good lay. But, here he was, practically begging me for it. Of course, there's no way I would have done it otherwise.
I wondered if he realized how much I got off on this power trip.

While Tuesdaymidnight tells us this is a story of Porn without Plot, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The intimacy of the moment didn't frighten me as much as it maybe should have. But, Edward didn't make it uncomfortable. I was taking care of him because in some weird twist of fate, his ass and his body had become mine.

There’s an evolution to the relationship. Jasper and Edward alike, find themselves pushing the boundaries with each rendezvous.

"You'd like to be tied up, Edward?"
"Yes," I was panting.
"Hmm..." he mused, as if he was actually pondering tying me up in the kitchen.

There’s fellatio, visits to sex shops, and eventually warm and wet kisses (Oh my...). They find it’s becoming all consuming, and can’t help but blur the lines between their private relationship and their public portico.

The girl, Bella or whatever, opened her mouth wider to retort, probably something along the lines of how my lack of vagina prevented me from understanding negative social stereotypes, when Edward cut her off.
"I agree with Hale." Everyone in the room turned to look at Edward and even Mr. Berty looked surprised to see him participating in discussion. I'm sure part of the shock was in his agreement with me. He ignored their gawking and continued… ”

“ The worst part for me, though, was that his shift in attitude affected everyone else, forcing them to adjust like satellites in orbit. Even the vice principal was starting to follow my every move even more closely than usual because I wasn't getting into fights.
I couldn't fucking win.

Both boys begin pushing the limits, longing for the intoxicated feeling they share when they’re together-

…I was pissed off as I practically stomped to my locker after the lunch bell rang, until I heard a voice calling out my name, "Jasper, wait up!"
It was Edward, and he was jogging toward me.
Could this day get any more bizarre?
"You never call me Jasper at school," I said, not hiding my irritation at the unexpected encounter.
"Maybe I want to up the stakes a little." His voice was cocky.

The story hits mid-stride in chapter 10 when Jasper finally realizes that things have indeed changed from mere “encounters” to full-fledged “liaisons.”

I just kissed Edward in the janitor's closet.
That's when I knew, it wasn't a game anymore.

Raw and Rosy is one of the best full on slash stories I’ve read. It has a mix of sweet and tang, just like General Tso's chicken. We see the vulnerability that Edward and Jasper possess around each other, and intimate scenes filled with realistic descriptions that manage to stay sexy and domineering.

And because I’m not totally against shameless self promotion…(even Ryan Seacrest tells his listeners to watch American Idol) Go check out my fic as well (if you haven’t already).

Surrendered by EvieKinz:

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Jasper Naughty Girls for letting me guest host. It was pleasurable!

Thank you for stopping by and giving us such an incredible post! Please come back and visit us soon!


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