Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary -Edward is ever the romantic & loving husband who worships his wife's body with each touch. Bella, however, is hoping for a little kink. Can she crack his facade and get him to unleash his dominating side? One-shot for D/s b-day contest. AU/AH *LEMON*

So, just a little Sunday smut to get you in the mood...

It's no secret that I like the BDSM fics, and by my own admission, I may be enjoying them a little too much, but we all got something. In any case, there are a lot of these fics popping up in the Fandom lately and some are really good; some, not so much, but I think there are many different degrees of the D/s relationship, it doesn't always have to be hardcore. Sometimes, a couple needs to do something to spice things up and that's exactly what this little fic represents.

You need to read to see what happens when Bella tells Edward she needs a little something different in the bedroom. Let's just say, Edward has done his research. He's hot! If you were looking for a little Edward/Bella fix this morning, this is your o/s!

And, just because I enjoyed this author so much, I stalked her stories and found another sexy o/s from her...


Summary Edward arrives home after a long day at work and finds something he didn't expect. ExB, AU/AH, rated M for my usual perviness.

I think that what  Edward finds upstairs in his shower is exactly what he needs after a long, hard day at the office. Bella's in for a little surprise, too.  Just some sexy, Sunday fun for all of my Naughty Girls!


Summary - Twentysomething hairdresser Bella Swan just can't seem to get a date. What happens when she starts ogling the teenage bag boy at the local Thriftway? Is it desperation, or fate? Humor/lemons/icecream. o/s

This o/s was SnowWhiteHeart's entry for the Lovin' In The Oven contest (a contest for sexy one-shots stories involving food), where it won first place in the Best Appetizer category and second place in the Best Dessert category. It was also Dickward's Judges Choice pick, 'cause he's a smart man. If you don't know who Dickward is, never fear, I will be telling you about him in my fic rec soon. Anyway, onto the o/s... Bella is 25 and Edward is TWO days over 18 and a virgin, but luckily for Bella, it turns out he is also, in her words, a sexual savant. Their initial conversations are wonderfully awkward & filled with unintentional innuendos. It is an absolute pleasure to read and I found myself laughing out loud often. I just adore SnowWhiteHeart's writing and this o/s is another fine example of her comedic genius, imho. Lemons, laughs & icecream - what more could you ask for? Go read it & enjoy!

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