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Naughty Girl For A Day - Madam Akyria

Yea! We're back with our Naughty Girl For a Day Segment! It's been a long summer!  In any case, if you'd like to be a featured naughty girl, please e-mail us your request and we'll schedule you for a Monday. WE LOVE COMPANY!

Today, we have a very special guest. A true JASPER'S naughty girl at heart and  a lover of all things dark, disturbing and dominant. Without further ado, I give you Madam Akyria...

First off I would like to thank cullen818 for inviting me to be a Naughty Girl for the day, she is a sweetheart and it is an honor to be asked. I was very excited, I squeed. Thank you :) Naughty Girls.

I’m Madam Akyria or Musings of Akyria on FFN. I am admin over at the blog’s Twi-Muses and The Major's Army. My absolute favorite Jasper is a Dark and Dominant Jasper, when I think about him this is what I see.

Isn’t he just delightful? He’s downright sinful. He just inspires me to write Jasper so wickedly.

I’m a big Jasper/Bella fan, like huge, it’s about all that I read. I have three wonderful stories for you today, a Darksper One Shot, a Dominate Darksper new story and a long Domsper story.

Sometimes you find a story that is awesome and impacts you in ways you could not imagine at the time. As is the case with this little one shot that was written for the Love of Jasper contest. It led me straight to my blog partner Mistress Gem although she was not called that at the time that was a name that I came up with later for her.

Summary: Realizing, that Bella Swan is a real threat to his coven; Jasper decides to take matters into his own hands. As he stalks his unsuspecting prey, he notices an emotion from Bella he wasn’t expecting...lust!

First off let me tell you this one was one of my first Darksper stories. She had captured my attention so thoroughly. It made me see Jasper in a completely different light. I could see how he could really warp the emotions of his prey, but I also saw how the emotions of others really could influence him. If there’s one thing Gem does really fucking well it’s those Darksper sex scenes. That woman has a gift. It really was stellar.

I began to circle Bella looking her up and down and occasionally leaning in to sniff her. I had to agree with Edward, she did smell divine. I slowly ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation of what was to come. It was time to get this show on the road...

"Good Evening, Bella."

I saw her shiver a little. I wasn't sure if it was from the cool night air, or simply the low drawl of my voice.


There it was again, that fear. She must have seen the wild look in my eyes. It had been a long time since I had taken a bath in the emotions of a doomed human. Fear, anticipation, curiosity and...

I let out a low rumbling laugh, which only heightened the last of her emotions. Lust. Now that was interesting. I decided to play this game for a little longer. I flashed her one of my heart-stopping smile and enjoyed watching her melt a little more.

"I notice that the chief isn't here. What are you doing out here, all alone, darlin'?"

She bit her bottom lip slightly before answering, very quietly. In fact, if I was human, I probably wouldn't have heard her. "I just wanted some fresh air. The house can get a little suffocating."

That was when my plan finally came together. The chief could come back at any time and a vampire draining his teenage daughter might have made him a little suspicious. I sent Bella a wave of calm and her eyes briefly fluttered closed. Seems I had a strong affect on the girl.

"How about you and I go for a walk, Bella?"

I could feel her hesitate and I sent another wave of calm and happiness towards her. Then, just because I am a wicked man, I sent some more lust her way. I noticed her beginning to squeeze her thighs together, looking for some form of friction there. This was almost too much fun...almost. Bella nodded mutely and I placed my hand on the small of her back, to move her in the direction I wanted. I could feel her heat, even through her clothes, it was amazing. It had been so long since I felt that blood pumping heat and once again I had to swallow the venom pooling in my mouth.

We walked out of Bella's garden and I made my way towards the forest. Every time I felt her hesitate about where we were going, I would manipulate her emotions so that she would keep walking further and further. Finally I had her exactly where I wanted her, In the middle of the forest, alone and completely trusting me. Foolish, foolish girl. I came to a sudden stop, and Bella looked in to my golden eyes in complete and utter confusion. I gently ran my cool fingers along her exposed neck, feeling her blush and her pulse quicken.

"You're so cold, Jasper."

I tilted my head and once again felt her emotions. She was confused about my lack of warmth. So she hadn't figured it out yet. She had no idea what a monster I was...she would soon find out. I wanted to have my fun with Bella and I was going to. Momma always told me not to play with my food. Guess she never met the snack known as Isabella Swan.

"I heard that you had an interesting conversation with Edward."

Once again she shuddered. So it was the sound of my voice doing that to her body. Good to know. She stuttered as she spoke quietly. "W...what conversation?"

"Regarding my dearest brother and his mind reading skills."

Once again Bella took her bottom lip between her teeth. If she didn't stop that, I was going to bite her lip for her.

"Yes. He told me."

I began to walk around Bella, almost stalking her. My eyes appraised her body and for the first time, I saw what Edward might be attracted to. She wasn't tall, but she was a good height. I noticed the way her hips filled out her jeans and how her pert little ass was screaming to be squeezed. I could just make out the swell of her breasts underneath her shirt. She was pale for a human and her pouty lips seemed to be chanting my name. She was something very different. It was an shame she has to die. But I am glad it will be by my hand.

Whoa, ohhh now isn’t that just tempting. Gem doesn’t keep you hanging on either she gives quite the show. In the end there is no question at all that this is a dominant Darksper, doing what he does best, taking what he wants when he wants it. Isn’t that the best kind?

I have found a little treat for you. It is a very new story that is only two chapters in. It looks to be gearing up to be very dark and dominant. It is a Jasper/Bella and features the Volturi.

The Darkness is her only friend, what happens when it turns its back on her? Set after the Cullen’s leave in New Moon. *DARK, 18 due to theme of story* J/B pairing

Bella is done fighting, she can no longer deal with the darkness that threatens her, and she falls. However for Bella her drop into the drink is not her salvation of death as she thought it would be. It is her torment as she is forced to live. Talk the walk with Bella as she learns about the world she once so wanted to be in, the truths that will shock you to your core.

"Why did you do it?" She asked.

I looked up and across the burning wood to my enemy and rescuer. I couldn't help the little laugh that escaped me as I watched her recoil away from my dead, empty eyes before I looked back into the flames. I remembered a time I loved the blue colour that was made by the burning wood and yet now all I wanted to do was jump into it.

"I am dead in all ways but in body. It seemed the easiest thing to do. No mess, no body meaning no burial meaning no one has to waste any more money on me and it meant that you would get your wish. With me being dead you could move on and in a way find happiness again, I suppose."

I watched as she stood up and moved so she was kneeling in front of me before cupping my face in her hands focusing me to look into her eyes. I knew if it were possible for her, she would have been crying.

"Do you know I have watched you these past few months? At first I was angry with you because of the death of James but that changed as I watched you slowly fade into the darkness that I have known so well, for so long. It was the fact that those vile creatures made you fight it and become happy again that I became angry once more. I was ready to destroy you until I entered your bedroom one night while you slept and saw that it was all an act. The darkness was still there only now it allowed you to function just a bit more. Then they turned their backs on you when that mutt found his mate and I started to worry." Her voice was thick as she spoke, making this whole experience even more surreal. "I followed you for days and even visited you in the hospital after you slit your wrists. The darkness that you have welcomed into your life was darker than mine and deadlier. The moment I watched you walk off the cliff I knew I needed to help you. I phoned my sire. She'll be here soon and then we can get you better again."

I just nodded as best as I could, considering how she was holding my head. She sighed and released me from her grip before moving back to the other side of the fire. It wasn't long until the sound of a power boat filled the air.Then a little bit from chapter two

"Isabella, I am pleased you are following my advice however, if you ever let another male touch you in any way without my permission again..."

I nodded my head at his unspoken threat. Something told me that I didn't want to know what he was truly capable of. Emmett once told me that Jasper was one bad ass when he was crossed. With his eyes still on me, I slipped into my bathroom before falling on the floor as Jasper turned up the notch on his hold on me. Part of me questioned why he had picked now to torment me now I was finally healing. Or was it the fact that he had entered my life again the reason I was healing after all today was the first time I had laughed in a while.

"Isabella, get ready. I said I would answer your question or now questions later."

He released me from his hold but only enough so I could function again. When I finally made my way back out into my room to find Dem and Jasper in a heated argument. The growling was a big giveaway that it was only a matter of seconds before Jasper might actually carry out his unspoken threat. Instead of physically getting between them, I coughed to gain their attention. They both spun around to glare at me as I waved at them. Jasper hissed something at Dem before gliding towards me. Stopping just a few inches from me, he leant down before breathing his scent over my face and hair before leaning into me so his lips brushed the shell of my ear as he whispered.

"I will be following your movements Isabella and remember what I said earlier anyone touches you without my permission..."

He kissed my ear before he pulled back and with one last growl towards Dem, he glided out of my chambers. Dem hissed at his retreating back before making his way over to my side frowning.

"That man drives me insane, always has done ever since our first meeting. I can't protect you against him, little one. No one can, no matter how much I and the others want to. I wish I could also tell you more, but I must keep his secret for now. Now are you ready to take your first steps into your new home?"

Does Bella need protecting from this Jasper? Well I for one surely hope so. Hehehe come give this new story a chance I know your gonna like it.

I felt that I couldn’t finish without a dominant story. I had great difficulty with that task let me tell you. Trying to find a Domsper that was not a slash Darkward/Subward on top of that was difficult. However thanks to Fingercuffs and Edward’s Chipper I found one. However it is dark though it isn’t the typical dominant fic either. Thought it does contain BDSM. I will give a warning though, this story deserves it. There is abuse in this story; it is the parent/child abuse so if that bothers you please do not read this story. This story is full of torment and angst as well.

Summary: Bella and Alice are best friends trying to make the best of their situations. Alice has Edward and Bella has her teacher, Jasper, who has a few secrets of his own. Includes rape, cutting and abuse. Will have BDSM themes. A/H Dark and Twisted.

This is an All Human story, for those that know me, they know that I do not generally care for AH fics, but this one grabbed me and refused to let go. Bella is best friends with Alice and this Alice is her salvation. Alice is seeing Edward, whom runs a strip club. Jasper is the girls’ history teacher. Yes I went there. He does a little teaching on the side as well. But to know what your going to have to read the story. There is a strong attraction between Jasper and Bella. However there is a problem, this Bella does not trust easily and at home she has a father that hates her and enjoys beating her.

While this story does have BDSM themes, it is calm so far (it’s currently 33 chapters in) and it is a part of the story. The plot lines are stellar, one of the best I have seen. Emmett and Rosalie also have a role to play, and this Rosalie I enjoy heavily, she is not portrayed as the bitch but someone whom just wishes to help.

Have a piece of chapter 6, it’ll make you smile.

"So that means I'm short a server and a stripper?" He exclaimed.

"Sounds like someone called in sick." Alice whispered. I just nodded, it didn't happen often but when it did that meant that he had to go in and cover for whoever called in. Luckily for him he also had his servers be back up strippers so if one of the dancers called in then Edward would just move a server to a stripper for the night and take over the server's position.

"No no, it's not your fault...Of course I understand...Keep me updated." He said shutting his phone.

Alice quickly turned back up the volume and we both faced back towards the t.v.

"Wow, you two are the worst spies ever." Edward said, walking into the room chuckling.

"We spy because we care." Alice retorted.

"Well I'm down a server and a stripper tomorrow night and Saturday night." He said stating the obvious.

"Okay Edward, you don't have to beg." Alice said with an evil glint in her eyes, "I'll replace your stripper, but I expect something, gold, shiny and expensive in return."

Edward narrowed his eyes at her, "Like hell you'll replace my stripper Alice. Your body is mine, and I don't share. Sorry." He said before turning to me.

"Bella, would you mind covering for me again please? I'll need both of you behind the bar, I'll move one of the other girls to the stripping position. You both will be paid of course." He said with a pleading look.

"You know we'd never turn you down." I told him easily.

Alice and I always covered for him if someone called in sick. It really wasn't a big deal.

"Great, just make sure to have your fake I.D.'s on you this time." He said glaring at Alice.

"Aw come on babe, how was I supposed to know he was a cop!" Alice whined.

I laughed and hit her with my pillow, "The uniform didn't give him away?" I asked her.

"I thought it was a Halloween costume!" She defended.

"It was Feburary!" I retorted.

And from later because I couldn't resist!

"You're going to see some things that will scare you," He promised, "But you cannot run. I want to show you a piece of my world. I am going to give you three words. Green, yellow and Red. Green means that you are fine not only physically but mentally as well. Yellow means that you are getting out of your comfort zone and I need to take it slower. Red means that you are out of your comfort zone completely and need everything to stop."

Thanks for having me :)
It was our pleasure. Come back and visit us soon!


  1. I always new you where a naughty girl Akyria! I have read the 0/s but the AH looks good - I'm going to give it a whirl!

  2. Thank you Lady Tazz, I do aim to be the Naughtiest I can be :)

    That AH is heartfail, pure heartfail.