Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Oneshot Wonder Recs


Summary - One-shot. Bella has cheated death one too many times and now he wants what is rightfully his. Her death. Will someone be able to save her this time? Lemony goodness. For JaspersBella! Thanks girl, your idea rocks! Please read and review.

When looking for a o/s to rec this week, I thought about one that I had beta'd last August. It's by our very own Naughty Girl Kathy. In this one Edward leaves, but something dark comes looking for Bella. Can Jasper get there in time? I thought this was such a unique premise and it's particularly creative how Jasper must save Bella from "death". The lemon is pretty sexy too.

Summary - This is meant as a supplemental work to Underneath Your Scars, but can be read as a stand-alone piece. Delve into Carlisle's scientific research on vampirism.

When this little piece of genius crossed my inbox during the week, I was thrilled. You see, I have recently managed to convert two of the ladies in my office into Twilight fans (well, sort of).  I even lent them my books to read, but the one lady is now on Breaking Dawn (the other will be reading it after her), and she is rather disappointed. She finds the whole Bella being pregnant thing too much to grasp. The other lady has also been asking me how the vampire peen can work, when there is not heartbeat & no blood flow. I tried to explain that their venom is sort of like our blood, but that didn't help. The one lady even told me that it's just too far-fetched, to which I naturally replied, "You do realize that you're reading about vampires & werewolves, right? It's ALL bullshit! Just suspend reality & enjoy the effing story!" Luckily they seemed to accept that. Then I saw this o/s and I was like, "Right, ladies. You want to understand how the vamp peen can work, well, read this!" The very talented HammerHips was able to get hold of some of the delectable Dr. Cullen's notes on vampirism and they are fascinatingly informative. I haven't heard or thought of some of these words since learning them in high school. So go along and read Carlisle's notes & be sure to thank HammerHips for this extremely valuable and completely feasible information. Just be sure to put your thinking cap on first.

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