Saturday, August 28, 2010

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Summary - Edward, Emmett and Jasper travel across the border to meet starlets Bella, Alice and Rosalie at a fan convention. What antics will these fanboys come up with as they prepare to meet the girls of their dreams? Collab. btw. JustForkIt & Little Miss Whitlock

This is such a clever, hilariously brilliant story and I absolutely adore it! I read it over a couple of days on my cell phone, so I wasn't able to leave reviews (since I was at work - shhh), but I will definitely be going back to leave some review love as they greatly deserve it. Anyway, these two ladies have done a fantastic job of creating a story that we can ALL relate to. In this fic, Edward, Emmett & Jasper are the fans (like us - sort of) and Bella, Alice & Rosalie are the stars. Bella is British like Rob is, Alice is in a band called 100 Spider Monkeys (effing LOVE it!), and Rosalie will remind you of a certain Mr Lutz. The way the authors tie in the characters and situations in the fic with our Twilight universe is pure genius. You have to read it to believe it. I have no doubt that you will love Emmett in this story just as much as I do. He even starts writing Fan Fiction & cause quite a stir at a FF panel discussion. It's fantastic! A word of advice, don't drink anything while reading this, it will probably end up all over your screen (via your nose). Enjoy! 

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