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Naughty Girl For A Day - Delandora

Today we have a very exciting guest in the house. Delandora is a girl after our own hearts around here. She is a dark girl in the truest sense and I mean that in a really good way. You may remember her from her Show Us Your Dark Side Contest entry...

So, I was approached by Cullen818, a queen of the dark fics, and asked if I wanted to be a Naughty Girl for a day. Any chance I get to rec some kick ass fics, I take. Of course my answer was yes.

I regret to inform you that none of these recs have Jasper as the main character. Sorry to disappoint you ladies. I know how you love your Darksper. What can I say? Edward is my favorite lol.

Cullen818 interjects - that's okay, we happen to dig Darkward around here, too

I've had a lot of stuff on my plate as of late. I'm involved in a project called 'The Load' – a multi-author Twific collaboration, round-robin style. I just submitted an entry to the 'Plot Bunny Contest' and I'm currently writing a multi-chapter ExB darkfic. So, I haven't had a chance to read an over abundance of dark fics, but the few that I have, are really good.

The first one I would like to talk about is called 'Bloodletting' by queenofgrey. Here is the original summary from fanfiction.

Bloodletting – noun – bloodshed or slaughter; the act or practicing of letting
blood by opening a vein. Edward lives a life of death & Bella lives one of
healing. Somewhere, covered in blood, there is a middle ground that will
save them both. E/B, AU.

There's not many chapters yet, but it has a very promising start.

Edward is a vampire that preys on humans with absolutely no remorse for his victims. That is, until he drains a pregnant woman without realizing she was with child. After she's dead and he realizes what he's done, he sees the motherless baby, and feels deep sorrow and disgust with himself. He takes the baby to a hospital and flees, hiding away for ten years and wishing for death.

He is a shell of the vampire he used to be after hiding and starving for a decade. But in wishing for death, thinking that God is knocking at his door, someone else shows up. I'm assuming it's Bella, but you'll have to wait for another update to know for certain. Whoever this person is, they have a secret. For whatever reason, she wants to die and wants Edward to be the person to do it.

Here's a little taste of what you'll get from queenofgrey's 'Bloodletting':

“I expected more from you. All you're doing is drooling all over yourself.” Her words make everything bright white, sharp and searing. My body convulses, seizes and if I could, I would move toward the light; I would climb into her stark white, honest mouth. She crouches before me, then, and her mouth smiles, but not her eyes. My eyes close because everything is too bright and too dark and like nothing I've ever seen before. “I've waited a long time for this and you're no good to me now.”

Her words echo in my ears and mix with the electrostatic hum in my spine, paint themselves around the corners of my blurry, blackened vision. I smell red before I see it – my eyes slow to open – and it's blood on the tip of a pin pinched between her fingers. My body reacts, even with grey, echoing corners and white light. She stares at me as my eyes cross and focus, close and focus again. Close and stay closed, because I haven't the strength. Then, there's blood, red blood on the tip of my tongue, and I convulse harder, differently. Just a drop, one drop, and my eyes open and her hammering heart flutters for the shortest amount of time.

“Little by little.” She sits before me on the floor, her legs crossing over each other, and she prods at the tip of her finger, presses until blood blooms from the smallest opening in her flesh. A perfect drop and I silently will her to give it to me, to bless me and kill me, all at once. Then, she does and says, “You'll need your strength, if you're going to kill me.”

The first move I make is the smallest semblance of a grin as my lips wrap around her finger and her life flows into me hot and hard.

Really great start, and I honestly can't wait for more.

The next story I have for you is called 'Small Fires of Winter Stars' by ilsuocantante. Here's the original summary from fanfiction.

In fire he died. In fire he was resurrected, forced to spend an eternity
enduring the screams and the sorrow. What happens when he stumbles
upon a woman who quiets the chaos? Will he be consumed in her peace or
find peace by consuming her?

This story is actually as beautiful as it is dark. Really well written.

Edward, it seems, has been burned in a fire, but doesn't die. Instead he's forced to live the rest of his days depressed over the ones he's lost and his body physically scarred. He doesn't understand why they had to die instead of him, so he resents himself because of it – blames himself because of it.

One night while drunk and disoriented, he's turned into a vampire by a woman who lured him to her apartment. He now kills humans graphically, but they are bad people – humans who intend on causing others harm, ones that shouldn't be on the street to begin with. That is how Edward justifies his behavior in taking a life. He doesn't want to be a monster, but considers it his punishment for his life's sins.

One night, he sees Bella as she sits on her balcony, singing and playing her guitar. All of the voices in his head from past victims, family members – screams, memories of torment that he has inflicted upon people in his lifetime are suddenly quieted when he hears her. He comes to realize that it's not just her music that calms him – quiets the noise, it's her. Her pulse and heart, just...her.

He finds for the first time in his vampire life, that he wants to preserve a life instead of taking it. He wants the comfort she unknowingly provides him. However, he still fights over his nature to kill. Every night in their visits with each other, his temptation and resistance gets harder and harder to ignore.

Here's a passage from the story that I really loved.

“I'm sorry,” I said through clenched teeth, closing my eyes and clenching my fists against the blistering burn of thirst. “I'm sorry. It's just... you can't come any closer.”

“OK,” she whispered, turning around and heading back up the stairs. I thought she would immediately flee to what she assumed was the safety of her bedroom, but instead she sat at the top step and continued to regard me questioningly.

I swallowed, taking deep gulps of air now laced only faintly with her scent. When I felt in control of myself once more, I sat on the lower step again. I couldn't meet her eyes, didn't want to see the questions and revulsion they must surely hold.

After several moments of silence broken only by the rapidly calming beat of her breath and blood, she spoke so quietly I knew if I'd been human I would not have heard. “What are you?”

The question hit me like a freight train, its weight settling in my stomach and eating through me like acid. I hated that she recognized my difference so clearly, hated that she asked the one thing I never wanted to say out loud.

I didn't know what to tell her. I could not tell her the truth; even knowing that I was different, she would never believe me. But neither could I bring myself to lie to her. I didn't know what to say, didn't know how to define myself in any way but one.

And so I gave her the only answer I had.


Once their nightly visits begin to happen more frequently, he's able to be closer to her physically without consequence. He's very protective of her, but not in a way that would be deemed 'normal.' He wouldn't just protect her, he'd kill for her.

Then later, we get to the schmexy times...

I trailed my mouth to her breasts again, this time drawing her nipple gently into my mouth, taking care to guard her from my teeth. I sucked softly, swirling my tongue around her swollen and sensitive skin, feeling as much as hearing her sharp moans.

Reveling in her sounds and the responsiveness of her body, I went back and forth between her breasts, sucking and laving and memorizing each inch of her creamy curves with my tongue.

“You really do like that,” I said as I pulled back, gazing down at her. Her features were twisted beautifully as she bit her lip, her hips straining against mine. There was pride and a new kind of courage and determination growing inside of me.

I made her look like that. I put the flush on her skin, the burn in her eyes. I was the one who made her so wet I could all but taste her in the air.

I was completely in control. And I was going to make her come.

“How could you tell?” She giggled.

“I can smell you,” I whispered, leaning down to nip her bottom lip. “I can almost taste you in the air. You're so wet for me, aren't you, Bella?”

So, yeah. Umm...that's hot lol. I really love this story so far and can't wait for the author to update. Give this fic a try. If you like dark, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

Last, but certainly not least is a fic by the name of Ultio. A collaboration written by mac214 and 22blue. Here's a link to 22blue's, but the story can be found on either profile.'s complete. Here's the original summary from fanfiction:

The beast that is retribution consumes Edward's mind, body, and soul. Everyone will pay – Edward Cullen has no limits. AU/OOC/Rated M.

I have never felt such a push and pull of emotions over one fic. This is one sick and disturbed Edward. He's the Edward you love to hate, but hate to love as well. I've never felt such compassion for a Psychoward before. The reading experience was incredible.

Edward's wife and sister are brutally murdered – ripped apart by a werewolf who doesn't believe the legends of his tribe. Caught off guard, and acting on pure instinct, Billy, the werewolf, slaughters Edward and Jasper's vampire wives in the forest where his friend, Charlie Swan, waits alone in the woods.

Jasper is beside himself, catatonic, while Edward's mind is in a much more evil place. His quest for vengeance makes him manic over the years waiting for the time to strike. He vows to seek revenge on the two boys for destroying his life, ruining there's and making them suffer just as he has.

He leaves his family to live by himself, planning his next move. He waits. Edward waits until the time is right, letting Billy know that he knew he killed his wife and sister, and that some day in the future, him and his family would pay for it.

Billy marries, one day leaving his wife alone for a weekend camping trip with his son, Jacob, and Charlie. Upon their return, Billy sees the depth of Edward's capabilities. The maliciousness begins.

He tripped up the front steps, agitated and twitchy as he looked around for Edward's familiar face. His hands scraped down onto the concrete and noticed a small pile of green pine needles bunched right in front of the door. Another whiff of blood rattled his nose, and Billy caught sight of something flesh-colored.

With an anguished cry he realized he was staring at a human finger. At the base of that finger was a band crafted of thin strips of brown leather.

Billy threw up over the side of the porch into the azalea bush and closed his eyes. Not Diane, he thought. Not her. Not my baby. The mantra continued in his head as he pushed frantically into the house. It looked as if someone had spilled a can of reddish-brown paint all over the living room and thrown it at the walls. Billy's horrified eyes followed a streak of red to the corner and settled on his favorite chair, but something was very wrong. He opened his mouth in a silent scream as he realized his wife's torso was propped in the chair, her unseeing eyes staring straight at him.

He fell to his knees with a crash. Diane's head bobbled uncertainly on her neck for a moment and bounced off the floor with a wet smack, almost cheerfully rolling toward Billy. He skittered backwards, his back pressed hard against the door as he fought down the hysterical babbling that threatened to spew from his mouth. His trembling hand reached out hesitantly and touched Diane's soft, dark hair, and then his sobs came in great, jagged waves.

The phone in the kitchen rang shrilly and insistently, piercing through Billy's head like a knife. On automatic pilot, Billy skirted the bulk of the blood in the living room (Diane would be angry if he tracked muck into the kitchen) and answered the phone, his eyes never leaving his wife's head.

“Hello?” he asked. Billy was in shock and acting on pure instinct, his clenched fist jammed into his pocket while his mind worked furiously.
“I trust you found my present?” Billy would know that voice anywhere. It haunted his dreams from the first time he heard it in his hospital room in 1978.

By the time he gets to making Charlie pay, he decides that that one of the things he'll do is corrupt and defile his innocent daughter, Bella. They become involved in a relationship and Edward does cruel and hurtful things to her where she winds up hurt, humiliated or both, hoping to force her into changing the person she once was, hating her father in the process. He wants to make her pay for her father's crimes, however misplaced they may be.

He sat on the couch in his own apartment, fiddling with the DVD in his hand. Visiting the porn room at the local DVD rental shop had been an interesting experience. The clerk had assured him Big Gulps 3 was wall to wall fellatio, the very thing he needed. He heard Bella's thoughts coming closer, so he slid the disk into the player, adjusted the volume, and sat back, rolling his eyes a bit as he unfastened his pants and stroked his cock. The woman on the screen with her mouth on a random penis was not particularly attractive, but Bella had to believe he was turned on by the antics of a porn star. In truth, he was completely disgusted by what was on the screen, so much so that he concentrated on the wall behind the television in order not to cringe.

Bella knocked on the door, and Edward called for her to come in, grinning coldly as she turned the knob. He immediately arranged his face into a more suitable expression for the task at hand – so to speak – and waited.

He let his mind connect to hers to watch the scene through her eyes. She shut the door behind her and was about to call out in greeting to Edward when she noticed the television screen, her thoughts confused and embarrassed as she watched a cheap-looking blonde deep-throating a penis. For a few moments, Bella wondered if this was some ex-girlfriend of Edward's – he had taped it when he had taken Bella's virginity, so it wouldn't have surprised her – until she saw a chubby man with long hair on the television.

“Edward, are you watching porn?” she asked incredulously. Edward nearly laughed out loud at how scandalized she was, even though she had caught him watching a tape of the two of them having sex before. And then she noticed him stroking himself, and her face turned a brilliant shade of crimson before she looked away. “Oh, uh, I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't mean to interrupt you.”

“You didn't interrupt, Bella. I just wanted to watch someone who really knows how to give a blowjob.”

Bella's flush deepened. “Did I, um, did I not do it right last night?” she asked shyly. “I thought I did okay. I mean, you... finished.”

He chuckled condescendingly. “Well, yeah, you were okay. It was your first time, you know? I didn't expect you to be an expert.”

This isn't even half of what Edward has done throughout the story, it's much worse, and the whole time, you're so pissed off and shocked at some of the things he does – that he's capable of doing. But toward the end, your feelings change. I can't tell you what he does to change the way you feel about him, you'll have to read the story to find that one out.

I have so many unbelievable ways to describe this story, but I simply can't put them into words for fear of giving the story away. And believe me, this is one story you'll want to read from beginning to end, without spoilers to pollute the ending.

Wonderful, disturbing, sad, lovely, and beautifully written. Definitely give this story a read. That is, if you're brave enough.

The very last thing I wanted to do, was give anyone that follows my writing a little taste of my new story that has yet to be published on the net, but I have some pictures and stuff on a blog if you want to check it out. It's entitled 'The Night We Both Died.' Here's the summary:

*On his wedding night, Edward Masen is forced to watch his wife's brutalmurder before being stabbed and beaten nearly to death. A family friend grants him the gift of immortality, giving him the opportunity to extract
his revenge. But is she really dead? OOC/AU/Dark themes/ExB*

Wisdomous and Cullen818 are my my beta extraordinaires for this, and I lucked out getting Jaspersizzy as my awesome prereader. I'm really excited about this fic and hope to get it posted in the near future. In the meantime, here's a teaser to what I've been working on.

Warning! What you're about to read is dark and disturbing, bloody and violent. Read with caution if you're sensitive to such subject matter. Rated M.

“Laurent,” the man croaks, his request barely audible. “Knife.” It's then that I finally feel any semblance of pain. Metal thrusts into skin, flesh tears away from flesh, blood seeps out of a gash, gash, gash in my shoulder blade, my back, my arm, again, and again, and again, until I'm forced to relinquish my hold on James. I'm no longer in control.

James is on his hands and knees, coughing, choking, inhaling, over and over, panting, until he finally catches his breath. “You're dead!”
I'm on my back, breathing but not enough to suffice, staring at no one and nothing but my wife. Her eyes are open, her pupils are dilated – black, no longer brown – afraid.

“But first you're gonna watch as I kill you're little bitch.” I try to move, but there's no strength left in me to fight. “Felix, Laurent, hold him up.”
Felix and Laurent once again lift me at my arms. My legs slack to the ground. I can no longer stand on my own two feet by myself. I watch in horror as James grabs the discarded knife on the ground, covered in my blood, and slowly walks over to Bella's body lying in a fetal position on the floor.
“I love you, Edward,” she whispers, and then I hear her screams as he plunges the knife in her body over and over. Blood spatters behind him to the wall with each blow to her chest and abdomen. I close my eyes, willing the nightmare to go away until her screams suddenly stop. Silence has never been so loud before.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading all of my recs and I sincerely hope you give every story a try. Thanks to the ladies of this site for allowing me the opportunity to recommend the dark stuff.

Thanks for joining us and thanks for the recs. They're all just my speed!

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