Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gentle Reminder...


You know I'm an impatient Bitch! So, please tell me you are at least working on your contest entries. I'm going through smut withdraw and I NEED you to write me a o/s featuring a dirty, controlling, nasty Cullen. Well, he doesn't have to be that bad, but at least make him talk durty!

Click on the FF Teach Me The Nasty Profile page for details and start writing!  We always love reading what you come up with!

And, we're also without a lemon drizzle this week. So, here's a little incentive for you...because I'm nothing if not shameless!

Submit us your 500 word drizzle on the picture below and we'll include some promotion on your story. You can plug your fic, tell us why we should be reading it and post the link and summary. Deal?

Send your durty drizzles that must include any Twi pairing to Lemon Drizzles.

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