Saturday, September 11, 2010

TwiCarol Brings You Some More Dickward From FL95


Summary - A continuation of "Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire" - What happens when the love of your life becomes your partner in crime solving? Will Cullen & Swan survive their latest case, or better yet, working with each other? BxE, AH

What an absolute JOY! The adventures of my beloved Dickward are not over. You can now read the sequel, brilliantly entitled, The Dick In Me. Once again our favorite couple are on a case, but not just any case. This one has ties to some of the villians from the last story, so already you've got a vested interest in seeing those bastards caught. Add to all this the trials & tribulations of living & working together for the first time, and you have another superb fic from FL95 filled with all of the best fuckery that we have come to expect from her. So be sure to check it out & leave her loads of love. She deserves it. The lovely Jo also kindly gave me permission to use some of the story banners from her site, because I think they're awesome, so enjoy the pretty...

All these fuckawesome banners were found on FL95's very cool blog Bullshit Fuckery.
Thank you for sharing, hun! Love your work!

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