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Lemon Drizzles

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Yo- Bo Dizzles...It's time again for the weekly Lemon Drizzle!

Here we are at week 4...I have Two drizzles for you this week, and I’m excited as HELL-O Doctor…
So this week's picture prompt was a bit fun and sexy.  The prompts are meant to stretch your imagination while still lighting that Twi-canon spark.  This week's entries really hit the nail on the head!

Week # 4

Picture #: 4
Title of Drizzle: For Arts Sake 
Your author name:  lizzylillyrose

My damn back was killing me and Edward was still sketching away furiously. My legs had started to turn to jelly several minutes ago, and I reckoned I had been in this position for over an hour. I was completely naked, my bum on a tiny stool with one leg bent up in the air with the top of half of my body hanging upside down. All the blood had rushed to my head, and I was starting to feel light-headed and sick.

“How much longer?” I moaned as a cramp shot up my right leg and wedged itself firmly in my buttock.
Fuck...fuck... fuck.

If he didn't hurry up I would have to move.

Life modeling was never usually much fun, but with Edward drawing me... well let's just say there were a few perks; ones that I usually got afterwards.

He'd struggled to find a model that would contort herself into the poses he wanted, or even be willing to pose so openly into some of the more erotic positions. I loved it – it challenged me and the pure eroticism of being studied by those emerald eyes of his, stared at, worshipped and usually fucked by them; all while he was drawing me... I was always a pool of lust and need when he'd finished.

“I'm nearly done, Bella.” he murmured as his hands worked on the pad in front of him.

Jesus, thank you...

“I'm just sorting out the exact curve of your right breast... and the impossible way that your nipple is tempting me,” he drawled, his voice edged with the huskiness that always appeared towards the end of his drawing. It was the tone of voice that signified he'd had enough of eye fucking me, and was preparing to do it for real.

I sighed in anticipation of what we'd be doing in a few moments time.

I remembered the first time I had modeled for him. He was so shy, so nervous about having a naked woman in his studio in the basement of his house. I was completely at ease with the whole situation and enthralled with his demeanor.

But now... holy shit, you wouldn't recognize him from that first session. Now he was a raw, sexy, predator who took his prey after every session. And for the moment I was the only prey he fed from.

“I'm done!” he exclaimed. And before I could move any of my stiff joints he was standing next to me, his hand behind my head as he gently lifted my upper body into a sitting position. I held his shoulders for support as the surge of blood rushed through my body. He grinned at me before wasting no time in moving his head to the nipple that he had so intimately been drawing a few moments ago. I dragged my fingers through his hair pulling him onto my eager body.

“I'm already so hard for you, Bella...” he breathed.

“I know... feel how wet I am....”

And he did, with one of his hands moving between my legs.

“Oh God...” he moaned. “I can't believe that me drawing you like this affects us both so much. It's like all the time I'm drawing you, we're actually experiencing our own version of foreplay.”

I nodded and moved my fingers to the belt on his trousers. I'd had enough foreplay. I wanted him.

I quickly unbuttoned his jeans and slipped my hand around his hard shaft.

“You know that stool is just the right height.” He informed me as his tongue licked along my collarbone. “We don't need to move at all.”

I smiled and pulled him free from his trousers and boxers.

There was no better way to relax the muscles after an hour of staying as still as a statue.

Edward Cullen.

Famous artist.

Shit hot lover.


Title of Drizzle: A Muse-ing Vengeance

Your author name: RosaBella75 (aka IslandWoman221)

The first day we met I saw the lust and attraction for me blazing in his viridian eyes - but then for some unfathomable reason he acted as though I didn’t exist… and his cold dismissal really pissed me off. So I decided I would taunt him - make it so he couldn’t fail to take note of me.

It didn’t take much to convince Alice to let me take her spot as the nude model for his sculpting class. He was one of only four advanced sculpture students and the only male. Even so, I took solace in how the work stations were set up on the four corners of the compass, screening my heated folds from all but my intended target.

As I took my pose on the stool the first day, I made sure my bare, naked sex was well exposed to him along with the profile of my ample breasts. I was spread and all but dripping, taunting him with my proximity while taunting myself with my want. I arranged myself on the platter of the stool, untouchable except through the proxy of his clay, a visual feast for his self-denial.

This went on for weeks. I had what felt like a permanent ridge on my back from where the stool ground into my ribs and my muscles perpetually ached from holding the difficult pose every night, but it was worth it. Hearing him pant through his nose, imagining him grinding his teeth while feeling his eyes boring into my naked flesh gave me the motivation I needed to carry out my plan.

God, I loved listening to him squirm!

And at last, tonight he would really squirm.

I had snuck a vibrator in my bag with me today. While I was disrobing in the back room I had employed it liberally, though only enough to leave me swollen and wet with need. It had left me ready; now I lay with my nipples tightly wound pebbles of want, and my pale skin glowing with arousal. The sound of my blood flooded my head and pounded in my belly. I burned for him.

Lying there I kept replaying the images I had used earlier in the dressing room to aid the vibrator, successfully pushing my desire higher and higher. I imagined him waiting until the other students left for the night before tossing down his scraper in frustration. He would fall to his knees between my own, firmly grasp my hips and bury his scruffy, no longer arrogant face deep into my hungry cunt.

It was all I could do not to squirm and moan instead of hold my pose on the stool. I could feel myself leaking down the curve of my ass. Force of will alone kept my legs still and my knees apart. I was so distracted by my difficulty holding still, along with the delicious images in my head and tickling moisture leaking across my tingling flesh, I was hardly aware of the sudden silence in the room.

A hot hand grasping my burning flesh jolted me to awareness. A single digit dipped into the moisture welling ever more strongly from my exposure and traced across my turgid folds.

“Is this for me?”

I moaned long and low and completely without volition before nodding.

The unmistakable sound of a zipper filled the silence.

“Then I’m going to give you what we want.”

I screamed my approval as I was filled to the brim, my back arching even more sharply.

This was the regard I wanted between my legs.

All great artists should know better than to ignore their inspiration!

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