Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TwiCarol's Fic Rec

La canzone della Bella Cigna by philadelphic
Summary - A famous voice teacher. A mysterious piano prodigy. Backstabbing classmates. Music school is competitive, and aspiring singer Bella Swan is determined to succeed. Hard work she can handle, but who expected music school to be dangerous? A story in 3 acts

Wow, wow, WOW! I have been meaning to read this fic for a while now, so I started at the weekend & I am completely captivated! What a magnificently told & moving story. I can honestly say that this is my very first AU Edward/Bella that I am reading & it is blowing me away. If you have not yet read it, you just HAVE TO! It is SUPERB! The author is extremely talented & the way she weaves her tale is mesmerizing. Edward & Bella meet in a very different way & it is original & wonderful. It's even given me a new appreciation for opera music, which I didn't have before. And don't think there's no action either. I was sitting up straight in my bed last night, reading on my cellphone, because I was so horrified by what had just happened! I cannot stress enough how fantastic this fic is & I really hope you give yourselves a real treat & go read it. And I'm not telling you anything that happens, because it's brilliant & you must find out for yourselves. Enjoy!

Oh, and before I go... Piano RobPorn to complete the mood... *THUD*

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