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Naughty Girl For A Day - darknNerdy

Happy Monday!  Although if you're anything like me, its probably not happy. I'm not good until at least Wednesday. But, it's Monday and that means we have a lovely guest. Today our Naughty Girl for the day is DarknNerdy.  If you haven't checked out her deliciously dark fic,The Beginning and the End, I suggest you do!

So a few weeks back I had a fangirl moment. Yeah I don’t admit to these as some people might want to lock me up from my reactions but this one was HUGE.

I was minding my own business looking at my email when I saw I had a message from the very talented Cullen818.

My reaction, while I still take no claim, was a sound described similarly to Richard Simmons squealing and that noise you hear when you stick a microphone to a speaker.

I’m a nerd what can I say.

So, I was asked to be a Naughty Girl for a day! I was gonna take the cool route and wait to accept but because I fan girl over her and this site I hit reply before I was even through reading!

On to my rec’s!

Today I want to pimp out three different stories, two Jasper/Bella, because I can’t get enough of them, and a Peter/Bella, there are not enough of these out there!

My first rec for the day was a difficult one. Not because of the story, not really anyways, but because I’m going to pimp myself here. Gasp! Yes that’s right, I wanted to rec my own goods!

Cullen818 interjects - we're all about self pimpage here!  So, go for it bb!

A Delicate Line is a story that I was and still very much am insecure about. It started out as a line here and there that I could not get out of my head to Peter singing rap music and whispering “Ahh Sookie Sookie” and talking about cigars! Yes my mind is an odd place to be.

Note cocky Peter.

Anyways I thought I would give you a few lines to this Dark little fic.

I looked down and my entire body crumbled to the floor. I cried. I screamed. I beat the floor beneath my shaking body.

I looked at the plate again and I wretched, nothing but dry heaves and the sickening cry could be heard.

"Why? Why would you do this? Why couldn't you just fucking protect him? Why are you doing this to me?" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I rocked myself and the tears fell down my face as if they were meant to be there, staining the innocence within me. I didn't even try to wipe them away. I couldn't, with my fingers digging themselves deep into the carpet. I could feel the nails snap and give, the blood slowly coming from under them and I dug them in deeper. I didn't care though, I welcomed the pain that came with it.

Anything was better than this.

I stared blankly at the tray above me and slowly picked myself up off of the floor. The tears never stopped as I picked up what was left there for me by that sadistic bitch.

Games. She's playing more fucking games with me.

Short and simple! Don’t boo me, you didn’t really think I was gonna give too much away did you? One more small teaser wouldn’t hurt right?

"Like a virgin, ohhh, touched for the very first time. Like a virgin!" He sang out as he popped out from around the corner, his hands trying to fondle his …funnels seductively. I whipped my phone out as I laughed at him and hit record.

This would be a moment I would use over and over again.

"When your heart beats… to mine, like a virgin feels so good inside!" He sang out rather girlishly as he gyrated his hips at me. He even had the music playing in the background as he hitched his leg up on the shelf and began humping it.

Somehow he had found beads and a hula skirt, they were swaying right along with him as he rubbed his funnels. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen and I was so glad my phone took videos.

He danced the entire way over to me singing into what looked like a gear shifter, hips moving wildly, the beads were smacking him in the face as he shook his head like he was in an eighties hair band.

He shoved his hips my way twice before he stopped and started shoving the cones in my face.

"Go ahead touch them, I noticed you noticing them." He said as he rubbed them.

And so I bring you a glimpse into my Peter! I told you, cocky little southern man ain’t he!


So there aren’t many fic’s out there that I drop everything for but this one I do. I have never read anything like it. She is an amazing author that deserves a lot of love. Her Jasper is one that I have only wanted to dream about. Dark, mysterious, an asshole, I mean really what’s not to love. He throws nothing but truth at our dear Doe eyed girl who desperately needs it and in such a way that makes me squirm! This is the Jasper I want and I thank her for bringing him to us!

I have a really hard time trying to find the right words to explain this story so I’m just going to give you a few lines instead because I do not think I could do it justice.

Chapter 1 tidbit

"I have a human in the dining room. It's been a while since I could say that."

Did he just make a joke? I think he did.

I started laughing more at myself than at what he said. I was trying so hard to come across the right way, and he could feel my every emotion. It was strange to think that in some ways Jasper would always know me better than Edward because of his access to a different level of information.

"How long has it been?" I asked.

"Fourteen years, six months, eighteen days, fifteen hours, and twenty-eight minutes."

"Wow. Down to the minute. That's a bit much."

Jasper crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. "More like down to the second. She was a particularly memorable kill."

"What happened?"

"It was a Halloween night. Kids were running through the streets and making a ruckus. It's amazing what candy does to a human. It triggers joy, makes them fat, and tricks them into trusting strangers. I like candy."

Now a little different direction here Chapter 3

Watching Edward Cullen walk into a room was a movie going experience. Music played in my head and time slowed to a crawl. Right now, he was ten steps from the entrance of the cafeteria doors. I cheated and saw him through the window, but it was unnecessary. He always walked in at exactly five minutes and thirty-four seconds after noon. I usually arrived two full minutes ahead of him.

1.I could have waited at his locker, but I liked the anticipation of those two minutes. They were my emotional barometer. My chest usually tightened with every tick of the clock. Those butterflies in my stomach would flutter wildly. Blinding, rose colored light from a cloudy day always dressed the room in a loving glow. It was sickening how much I loved him.

These days were different. The glow died. The room was now shadowed from heavy rain clouds only I could see. They had rolled in slowly and were the most prominent part of the space around me.

It wasn't fair. Today was our last day of school, and I wanted my old feelings back. I felt cheated of all the little things I always took for granted. Their absence made me realize just how wonderful they were. We may have been sickeningly sweet to one another, but it was better than the absence of feeling I had now.

Edward pushed his way through the doors. A Disney movie played through the minds of the masses. A fluffy bunny ran out from under a table to greet the bronze haired prince. Birds chirped happily and flew in circles around his head. Little mice sprinkled rose petals at his feet. A minimum of fifty girls sighed in perfect harmony.

I wasn't one of them. The bunny's feet tracked blood across the floor. The birds flew into windows breaking their necks. The mice scurried up tables and conducted an orchestra made out of screaming boys and girls. My movie kicked ass and had a fucktastic soundtrack. So why the hell was I playing with the perfect prince?

Sweet, holy hell. Get your head straight, Bella. Those are naughty words and inappropriate images. Boring Bob wants Saccharine Sally.

I did this for the Edward lovers out there, sort of.

Anyway, that was just some of the fantastic that is Conversations with my Killer. Go read it people!

Now to finish this up with a little Peter lovin’, snicker away, I did!

Oh Peter why aren’t there more of you out there like this? Don’t get me wrong there are some really great Peter’s but this one caught my attention and has dragged it off somewhere. When I read this story I feel like Bella was made for him all along. There is heartbreak in this for both of them but in such away that it only draws them closer to one another and me deeper into this story!

I bring you a small piece of My Unhappy Ending.

She reminded me of Jasper and me. She seemed to have as much experience as Jasper and she had some of my characteristics.

This was taking too long so I figured if I surrendered first, maybe she would take off. I had this urge to follow her but quickly cast that aside. Remaining in my crouched position I turned my palms away from my body showing my submission to her. As I was preparing to speak she pounced.

A strong demon goddess was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. I almost wanted her to win just so I could have her on top of me, but I wasn't about to give up.

The demon goddess charged me like a linebacker and we tumbled to the ground, rolling and tangling in each other's limbs. She managed to get on top a couple times and I was correct in my assessment; she was experienced and damn strong, but she wasn't stronger than me.

The roses and tulips I was admiring a few moments ago were destroyed and broken; just like Charlotte and me. It was a devastating realization to make while I was fighting for my life. Although, I couldn't be mad at the demon goddess because this was the most fun I've had in years. I knew I could win this fight and started to play with her.

"That's all you got princess." Now I started to laugh at her and to make it genuine I envisioned the newborns biting at her feet.

Not enough? I know, I know, but if I give you much more it will ruin so much!

So to sound of I want to say thank you Cullen818 and all the naughty girls for giving me a chance to be one of them for a day! Now I’m going to go get sick because I am a nervous nerd!

No need to be nervous around here!  Thanks for dropping by and giving us some stuff to read. And, you flatter me!


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