Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


He met the girl of his dreams. She met the man of her nightmares. How far would you go for your obsession? AH/AU/OOC

Technically, this is no longer a o/s, but it was written as one for the Beyond the Pale Contest where it took 3rd place in the voter's choice. So, what that means is, you get a well developed first chapter that totally leaves you wanting more. And, score, you get more!  The second chapter of the fic is up and ready for your viewing pleasure (although, that's if FF gets it's act together, am I the only one having trouble accessing chapters this week? Very frustrating!)  But, let me get back on track...

This is the first time I'm rec'ing a Bella and Emmett, and let me say that I'm starting with a masterpiece. This Emmett is, "Oh My Gawd!"  You're going to love his sweet nature and how he is so attentive to Bella's needs.  And, really, I can't say anymore than that because by the end of the first chapter you're gonna be left with your jaw hanging open. This fic contains a major twist! And, thank heavens it's being continued or I'd lose sleep over this one.

This is a brilliant find. And, I really think you'll be pulled in immediately, I know I was. You have to head on over and read it now! It's posted on FF, but according to the last author's note it will be continued on TWCS due to the nature of the fic. Check it out!

And, rmcrms5, I totally get where you're coming from with Emmett. Well done!

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  1. You're right- this story is awesome! Thanks for the request!