Sunday, September 19, 2010

What on earth is he looking for???
Voting for the Hidden Star awards, of course!
One of our own, Electress Evie, has been nominated for a few Hidden Star Awards.  
The Hidden Star Awards are dedicated to all of the Twilight authors who work so hard on their stories, but always come up short when it comes to winning awards.

Second group of voting will start on the 16th and will last till the 20th, ending at midnight US EST. Winners will be notified soon after.

Second round of voting will be for the following categories:
(Click here to vote)
Most original story 
Best Banner 
I love my Beta 
                                               Best All Around Story <Ahem> *cough* EvieKinz nominated here!
                                               Best Author  
<Ahem> *cough* EvieKinz nominated here!

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