Monday, October 4, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - A Rude Scotch

Okay, so it looks like I'm the Naughty Girl for the day, but I'd really rather have you here rec'ing some dirty, nasty fics next week. So, e-mail me, ping me, PM me and tell me you want the segment for the day!


Summary - Bella supports her friend into the BDSM world and meets the older, smooth talking Edward Cullen at a party. When their lives entwine and he makes it clear that he wants her, how will she reciprocate? Rated 'M' for language and lemons.

This is such a fun fic and puts a different spin on the D/s story. Edward is a Dom, there is no denying it and he's found a perfect little sub in Bella. The problem is, he doesn't want a sub. He wants a girlfriend, for reasons I can't disclose in this rec or I'll spoil the plot.  So, you need to head on over and see whats going on for yourself.

See what happens after Bella and Edward meet at a play party (hawt smexin' right off the bat), but its the underlying plot here that'll pull you in. This WIP is eight chapters in and the story is starting to move in the direction us hopeless romantics are waiting for, but I'm a bit anxious to read some serious lemons. I have a feeling chapter nine might be the ticket!

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