Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary -What 'if' Edward was not so forgiving about Bella asking Jake to kiss before the newborn fight. Warning this is a DARKWARD!

It is with great pleasure that I get to rec this fic today...

I love the concept of this story, because I for one was always a bit displeased with how calm Edward was over the fact that Bella had asked Jake to kiss her before he went off to fight in Eclipse. It was all a little too perfect for me. But, thank God we have FF and AU! 

Lady Tazz was given a challenge by Jasper's Izzy to write something dark, and she certainly delivered. She picked a perfect place in the series to give us an alternate ending. If there were ever a place for Edward to go dark, I believe this would be the spot. See what happens when they head back to the tent. Will Edward reject Bella's advances or will the monster within take over? I think you know...

Tazz did such a great job with the dark (I think she liked it a little too much) that she is continuing the fic, so be sure to add it to your story alert after you leave her some love!

Summary - Bella's car breaks down during a blizzard and she's forced to wander the woods on foot, looking for help. Rescued by a stranger, she has to decide whether she can trust the man in whose house she is stranded. J/B. AH, no Sadward.

Loved this o/s by letmesign. Jasper, living in the woods in Montana, finds & saves Bella during a terrible snow storm. Then proceeds to take VERY good care of her, in more ways than one. Turns out he's an artist who paints with his shirt off, so he has paint marks on his arms & torso instead of scars... NICE! It's a great read for a Sunday & I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks Steph, for the for rec'ing me. I'm flying high right now that I was rec'd by you. This was a perfect way to end a very difficult weekend for me. *smiles widely*

    (runs away squeeeing)

    Lady Tazz