Saturday, October 2, 2010

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Daniel Gale: Cumming to America by danielgaleh00rs

Summary - Nerdalicious Daniel Gale is saying goodbye to England and hello to the United States. Looking to reinvent himself, he is all too gratified by the corn-fed derriers of Americans. Daniel Gale/Twilight cross over, slightly crackfic, AU, AH, Prepare for Perv

If you are wondering Daniel Gale is & why I am reccing him on a Twific site, let me explain... The Pretty (AKA Robert Pattinson) appeared in a British movie called Bad Mother's Handbook as the geekalicious character Daniel Gale. Then one day, the genius that is Annetteskitty brought us the magnificent cross over fic that is Daniel Gale: Cumming To America. Daniel is the sweetest, loveliest, horniest young man you could ever hope to meet. And let me just say that her Emmett is fan-fucking-tastic. His germophobicness (yes, I made up that word) has reduced me to tears many a time. Tears of laughter, that is. You have to read it to fully appreciate it. Bella is adorable & she is certainly not like any of the Bella's we have come to know. You'll really appreciate her beauty, especially when you see her through Daniel's eyes. There is much fuckery to be enjoyed in this fic & if you aren't reading it yet, get to it! I promise you won't be sorry. There's even a great blog that Annetteskitty has created to complete the Daniel Gale experience... Daniel Gale H00rs Blog ... click the link to go check out the awesomeness...

All pics found on Daniel Gale H00rs Blog

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