Monday, October 25, 2010

Teach Me The Nasty Winning Story Recs!

Today we talk about the three winning entries in the Teach Me The Nasty Contest.

Voter's Choice...


Summary - Professor Whitlock becomes intrigued with one of his students and decided to investigate why this is and comes to find out she is his one and only true mate.

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy - When I began reading this entry, I was immediately intrigued. I mean who
wouldn't want Jasper in a dark room? I'd prefer to have the lights on, but in a dark room would be just fine by me too. So in this o/s Bella appears to be the naughty girl sneaking around and who better to deliver the punishment, Jasper of course.

TwiCarol -One of my fave fics ever is based around photography, so I was drawn to this fic right away. I enjoyed the build up of Jasper & Bella's relationship & how intrigued he was by her skills as a photographer. As for her attraction to him, well really, who could blame her. It is Jasper, after all. And being punished by Jasper for sneaking around & using the darkroom when you're not supposed to... I'll take it!

Cullen818 - Oh this fic was super sexy. The images of Professor Whitlock that swarmed my head made me smile. He was authoritative, domineering and wasn't afraid to take what he wanted. This story left me wanting more and I hope the author will consider it because she is certainly capable of exploring the dominant side of Jasper. This was a great read and I'm glad it won Voter's Pick!

Naughty Girls Picks...


Summary - Written for the Teach Me The Nasty Contest. She didn't know why she was there. She certainly didn't want to be there. So why was it that she felt like she needed it, needed a teacher like him? EXB

Cullen818 -Oh my!  When I visualize a dominant and controlling Edward, this interpretation is who I see. I'd definitely enroll in this sex school if he was going to be my teacher. Just sayn'...

Poor unfulfilled Bella. She thinks there is something wrong with her. She's not getting the whole fascination with sex.  But, that all changes when the experienced, professional sex school teacher Edward shows her exactly what she's missing.  Fantastic concept!  And, couldn't have fit better for this contest in my opinion!

TwiCarol -Holy Hotness Batman! This o/s is smoking hot & I would willingly sign up for any lessons this Edward is giving out! Bella is once again one VERY lucky lady, even though she doesn't realize it in the beginning. The author has done a fantastic job with this o/s... it is well-written & the steaminess is off the charts! Definitely worthy of being one of the winners. Hawtness guaranteed!

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy - Okay, sign me up please! Edward can teach me any day and honestly if he would
teach me what he taught Bella in this o/s, well let me just say Holy Fucking Hell, I'd be one happy woman. In fact, I'd be begging for more lessons, unconventional or not, I would definitely be signing up over and over and over.This o/s was hot and steamy and absolutely yummy!


Summary - "Entry for the Teach Me the Nasty contest" Collab with Jasper Sex Kitten - Two vampires abandoned by their mates and a cheer captain; what happens when a bet is made about this new girl? JXBXEm

TwiCarol - The author took this story in a different direction & it worked out very well for her (and us). Jasper & Emmett (both single now) are teachers and are both immediately taken with the new cheerleader, Bella. A bet ensues, but who will get her in the end? Why not both of them? Oh yes, it's a Jasper/Bella/Emmett pairing that will knock your socks off! Hot, hot, HOT! Love it!

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy -So this o/s is just damn! I mean come on, a Jasper/Bella/Emmett sandwich, yes
please! And a bet, it can't get any better. Oh and then Jasper and Emmett are teachers, well teach me please and teach they did. This o/s had it all, two sexy vamps, a bet, a cheerleader, and sexy times. What more could you ask for? Trust me, if you want it, it's in this o/s just waiting to be read.

Cullen818- Is there anything sexier than a pissin' contest between two extremely hot, college teaching vamps?  I think not, and after reading this one, I bet you'll agree. Jasper sets his sights on Bella but Emmett is having none of it. What happens when they place a competitive bet?  Sexy times...Emmett/Bella/Jasper style!


Look for the winners to be interviewed here starting next Monday. And, then each Tuesday we'll feature one of the submitted entries. There all worth discussing! We loved them all!

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