Sunday, October 24, 2010


We are so excited to announce the winners of the Teach Me The Nasty Contest!  We want to thank all of the talented authors who took the time to indulge us and write these amazing fics!  We had 12 really great entries, so when you all get a chance head on over to the c-2 and check them out!

And, the winners are...

Voter's Pick

Naughty Girls Pick...


Congratulations to all the winners and writers. We loved them all and had a hard time deciding.We'll feature the winning story reviews tomorrow and we're currently working on author interviews. So, look for those and for all of the stories to be rec'd right here on the Naughty Girls Blog over the next few weeks!

The lovely and talented TwiCarol is responsible for the amazingly hawt banners!

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  1. Congrats guys!!!!!! *throws fic-fetti and pops champagne*