Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Bella decides it is time to finally make her move on Edward and take their friendship to the next level. When his reaction isn't exactly what she expected, Bella finds comfort in the last place she imagined.

I found this delicious little fic when I was trolling on TwiWrite. I don't want to say too much because then I'll give the plot away. Head on over and give it a whirl. The lemon is quite sexy and Carlisle has quite the wicked tongue.

"Fair is fair Isabella. You should be thankful that I have enough restraint to take the rest of your clothes off your body intact. It is against every fibre of my being as a man not to tear your panties to shreds, lift your skirt and bend you over that dresser to fuck you senseless." Carlisle's voice is dark and husky and I instantly decide that I enjoy him talking dirty. He leans down and I feel his hot breath tickling my ear. "Maybe next time..."

Who wouldn't want the Big man in charge to bend them over a dresser?

Now, run along and read this. You know you want to!

Summary - Because people do it like bunnies, and that's fine; but it doesn't mean you want to hear them. Bella and Edward converge in the woods unexpectedly. Hilarity is the only possible outcome. Oh. And TMI. Right.

I don't even remember how I found this o/s, but I'm so glad I did. It is funny as hell & the characters are insane, but in a good way. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of Bella losing her virginity to her "friend" Edward. It is presented realistically & humorously. The author does a great job with this story, showing an Edward unlike any other you've read. It is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!

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