Monday, November 1, 2010

Get to Know Our Voter's Pick Winning Author - Karen E Teague

Today we get to know Karen E Teague just a little better. For those of you who don't know her story In The Darkroom and Beyond won voter's pick in the Teach Me The Nasty Contest. She's also the author of another deliciously dark fic called Redemption Comes When Least Expected. She's a Jasper's Girl through and through!

What is it about Jasper that makes him your Cullen of choice?

Well for starters I fell in love with him in the books. I am a big time history buff and I also have this fondness for War history. The way he is described in the books make him sound so hot and sexy. Any man that can ride and shoot is the man for me. I have been riding horses as long as I can remember. I started shooting at age 7. I spent 8 years in the Army and was in the first Gulf War in 90-91.... I married a Texan so that gave him another plus factor in my book.....

Did you like writing in the confines of a specific theme? Any plans to enter any other contests?

I really enjoyed writing this piece as it gave me a chance to write about something I know. I used to be a freelance photographer back in the late 80's before all my equipment came up missing.... So, it was easy for me to take my knowledge and make my sexy man, dark and sexier. As to other contest. I have found I write some of my better pieces for contest as I have entered two on FF.Net and came out as a winner on both. So if I find one or someone lets me know of one and life is not to crazy as living on a ranch sometimes gets a little crazy, I will enter.

What is it about the darker fics that do it for you?

In the darker fics you are taking the character and making them your own if that makes sense. There are also more things you can do with the story if you go dark.

This Jasper was domineering and controlling. What is your favorite "sper" (Domsper, Darksper...) and why?

Domsper and Darksper it don't matter which, because he is my dream man.... I am very domineering and controlling myself and I feel that either of them may be able to put me in my place. My ideal Jasper would be a combination of the two.

 Any plans to continue this fic and if so, can you give us a little peek into your talented mind?

It is up in the air right now if I will continue this into a full story. I know that I need to close out a few of my current stories if I were to continue this one. If I decide to continue I will let you all know.

Thanks so much for entering our contest and indulging is by answering our questions. We look forward to reading any future works your brilliant mind comes up with!

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