Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teach Me How To Dougie by Tiffaninichole

So, each week we'd like to spotlight a story from the Teach Me the Nasty Contest to show off and pimp the hard work put forth by all of those who took the time to enter our little contest.

This week we feature the Public Vote's Second Place Winner...


This little fic comes to us from one of my favorite Jasper authors. It was just a refreshing story that made me smile. Bella, the undeniable klutz, must learn to dance, the Dougie actually. So she begins lessons from one of the best dance teachers in her area. Can Jasper teach Ms. Swan to dance? I have a feeling he may be teaching more than dancing during these lessons. You'll love this one!

I absolutely adored this o/s by tiffaninichole! It is hilarious, well-written and has a smoking hot lemon thrown in for good measure. Now I had to go search YouTube so that I could fully appreciate Bella's annoyance with that damn song & believe me I did. Sadly, it was stuck in my head for quite a while. Damnit! Anyway, moving on, my favorite line in the whole thing was this... "Jasper, her instructor, was, in a word, a meanie-head." I loved this Bella, she had me in stitches, laughing at her awful Dougie experience - "Interestingly enough, Bella had no clue who this Dougie was or why he was relevant to the conversation." - LOVE IT! Luckily for her, with a teacher like Jasper, who thankfully turned out not to be a complete meanie-head, she got a fantastic reward for her perseverance. We should all be so lucky!

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