Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heels by SalamancaLaBlanca


Summary - Entry for the Teach me the Nasty contest. Bella has been learning the piano from Edward for four years. What happens when they are left alone for a day full of banter, frustrations, and high heels? A whole new type of education, of course!

So, into everyones life, a little Domward must fall. Today we bring you another entry from the Teach Me The Nasty Contest!

Oh, Edward, if you could play me like you play that piano!  Belle is lusting after her piano instructor and really, who wouldn't be. What happens when he lusts back?

"Edward… please!" she whined as she nuzzled into the crook of his neck, nipping gently at his jaw line. In reply, Edward shifted so that he could encompass both her wrists with a single hand, and unbuckled his belt. He then wrapped it around Bella's joined wrists repeatedly, before finally tying it so that her wrists were firmly bound behind her back. He then stepped slightly away and looked her up and down, taking in her beauty. Bella remained silent and still, shocked by his actions, though not bothered by them in the slightest. Edward smirked.

"Very nice, Isabella. This is doing wonders for your posture, you know?" he wrapped an arm around her and traced her spine with his index finger. "Good posture is very important in the performing arts. You can't play the piano while slouching, can you?" he looked at her for a response, but all she could manage was a quick shake of her head. "Besides," he continued, his hands coming to the front of her blouse, "this way," he began to unbutton her shirt, starting at the bottom and making his way up, "I can better appreciate," he finished unbuttoning her shirt and pulled it open, revealing her bare skin and the white lace bra she was wearing, "what is mine!"

  Sexy times!  Check this one out and you won't be disappointed.  I wasn't.

I can promise you that if you read this story, you'll be wishing you were Bella and Edward was giving you some piano lessons. He can teach me anything he wants, just so long as he is the teacher. My favorite part of this o/s came from Edward himself. He was oh so delicious and very drool worthy.

"Fuck, Isabella… you are a fucking goddess," Edward breathed once he had set the scissors down. His hands went to cup her breasts, cold against Bella's heated skin, causing goose bumps to spread through Bella's chest. "You have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, you know?" he asked before leaning down to catch one of her nipples in his mouth. As he lapped at it, he flicked, pinched, and rolled the other one between his fingers. Unexpectedly, he bit down lightly on her nipple, causing Bella to let out a long, deep moan. She pulled against the belt at her wrists, wanting nothing more than to bring her hands around Edward's head and pull him closer, closer, never letting him leave. He had other plans, however, and he soon pulled away from her (not before giving the same treatment to her other nipple).

Edward's hands went to the back of Bella's skirt and expertly located and undid its clasp, letting it fall gracefully to Bella's feet. With his thigh between her legs, Edward pushed Bella closer to the piano before stepping back to admire the beautiful sight before him. Bella's face was flushed and her eyes shining. The hair she had so carefully coiffed and put into a messy bun had come apart and was laying messily over her shoulders and back, framing her face and leading his eyes down towards her beautiful breasts, with peaks the same pink as her lips. Going further down, past her toned stomach, he finally came upon her panties, made of blue lace. He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before continuing his descent over her long, toned legs, down to her feet, still encased in her high heels. He smiled as his eyes made their way back up, landing on her rosy cheeks once more. The red color spread down to the top of her breasts, giving away her embarrassment. "You are the most desirable woman I have ever seen, Isabella. Never doubt that," he reassured her seriously.

Umm, so yeah. There is a little bit of yumminess for ya, but if you want some more, you gotta read the o/s. Trust me, you'll be wondering if there will be more to come. I know I am.

Well, what's left to say after those tasty little snippets from this fantastic o/s? *THUD* Loved it! Who would not want to take piano lessons from Rob, oops - sorry, I mean Edward? Right? Right! So go read it, it's smoking hot & if you don't believe me, allow me to provide some visuals...
Those hands, those fingers... sigh... you're welcome...

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