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Teach Me The Nasty Judge's Pic - Author Interview

I had the utmost pleasure at interviewing two amazing authors, Shirley007 and JasperSexKitten. These two writers came together for our naughty girls contest and submitted Searching The Unknown  This o/s was fantastic. You get some Jasper, some Emmett, and some Bella. What more could you ask for? And now without further ado, I present to you my interview with Shirley and Barbie:

1. When the two of you decided to write this o/s, did you find collaborating to be difficult or was it easy to write?

Shirley - It was surprisingly easy. We complimented each other perfectly and I could instantly jump in on what Jaspers Sex Kitten wrote, and vice versa. Maybe we share the same brain, or something. It sure feels like it at times. Of course, that's a huge advantage, because the story will flow more easily, if you are on the same wave length.

Barbie - No it was easy. Shirley’s brain and mine think alike. *laughs* It was very easy to say what about this and we just built this from our ideas together. I loved working with my wifey.

2. I personally love me some Jasper/Bella/Emmett sandwiches. When writing this o/s for the contest, what made yall choose to write J/B/E and why not just one Cullen man?

Barbie - Honestly, this is my favorite grouping. And when we first started talking about it we knew from the beginning we wanted Jasper/Emmett…but adding Bella in there just made it all the better. I will just say this I/m a perv apparently but these three together are as good as sliced bread and with Shirley sexy smut it was just awesomesauce.

Shirley - I read about the contest and just started thinking. At first, I wanted to write a J/B/P one-shot, because I'm a Whitlock girl, and those two just rock my world. But I really wanted to write something with Jaspers Sex Kitten. I think she's amazingly talented, and I thought we'd work together well. And what better way to find out, than to write a one-shot. If it didn't work out, we could easily turn our backs and walk away from writing together ever again. But now, I just know there's going to be a hell of a lot more fuckery coming from us.

Damn, I'm straying off topic here. So, I wanted her to write with me, but Jaspers Sex Kitten is a big Emmett lover. So I told her I wanted to write J/B/Em, knowing she wouldn't be able to refuse. *chuckles* And of course, I was right!

And why not one man? Huh. Well, I just love a good threesome, especially with two drool-worthy men. Why wouldn't I write that? *laughs*

3. Who are your favorite Twilight characters and why?

Shirley - Jasper, Peter, Charlotte and Bella.

I admire the Whitlocks, I suppose. They've all gone through hell and worse, but found a better way. Whether they drink human blood or animal, they have crawled out of that dark pit, and enjoy their life to the fullest. I find that shows their strength and their capacity to overcome things, no matter how hideous.

That doesn't mean I don't like 'em when they are written in Maria's Army. Because Darksper and Fierce Peter, are just all kinds of hot. *fans self*

It's that sense of danger that actually draws me to them. They might have become 'domesticated' for lack of a better word, but they still scream danger. And not in a psycho way like James.

It's more like, you know that you should stay away, because of that dangerous side to them, but you just can't, because everything about them appeals to you.

Charlotte is the strongest female character throughout the series. Sentenced to die as a newborn, creating a life unknown for them and making it work, loving a man that shares the same scars as her, etc. But then again, I'm not surprised, she is a Whitlock after all.

Bella is a trickier character. I hate how spineless and meek she was portrayed in the books, but still there's a hint of underlying strength at times. Of course, the way I picture and portray Bella is nothing like SM's Bella. I like my women strong, empowered and unique. Maybe, it's because of all the weaker sex prejudices. I don't know.

Barbie - Well for me it’s not one... its two... I am totally Team Emmsper… I love all things Jasper and all things Emmett. If I could have then in front of me now.. I would die a very happy girl. But the mystery of their characters is one of the things that draw me to them. They are under played and underappreciated in the SM books, I think so I like to be able to give them a life that they deserve.

4. Do y'all read canon or non-canon fics and what are some of yall favorite fics?

Barbie - I’m mainly non cannon.. Jasper/Bella and Emmett/Bella. I really have a hard time reading cannon unless it’s a funny story like The Cullens Family Camping Trip. Hands down Fate/Hope/Love series by Cullen818 is my top all time favorite. I have so many Favorites but You’ll be mine - Jaspers Naughty Girls, We found Each Other - Jaspers Izzy, Bound by Promises - Jaspers Izzy, Worth the Pain - NCChris, Anchorage is for Lovers - NCChris... and so many more.....

Shirley - I read a lot of different things, but most of all I read stories with Jasper or Peter. I have a huge list with favorites, these are most of them.

Conversations with my Killer by Oracle Vas

Hit and Run by lifelesslyndsey

The billionaire bum by Deavlynn

The Sacrificial Lamb by Lalina

First Love Lost & Last Love Found by Oracle Vas

Second Chances by aerialla1

Mood Ring by lifelesslyndsey

Safe and Sound by Touchstone67

Control by Kitty Cullen-03

Master of the Universe by Snowqueen's Icedragon

Wide Awake by Angstgodess003

The Bella Swan Guide to Getting your life back by Kitty Cullen-03

Finding Relief & Finding Forgiveness by TwistedforTwilight

Calefaction by ExploitingReality

The Submissive, The Dominant & The Training by tara sue me

Sassafrass Junction & Bella Whitlock, HBIC by VampishVixen

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire & The Dick in Me by FL95

Long, Tall Texan by BamaBabe

Your Guardian Angel by Mimi-Love-4Ever

Insecurities by JamesRamsey

The Caged Bird by Kristen Nicole

Voiceless by Kitty Cullen-03

Only at night by trampvamp

Fate's Savior by Rosalynn

The Appointment by Miztrezboo

Rise of the Fallen by ohmyitsv

Awake in the Dark by Kitty Cullen-03

The Arrangement by manyafandom

Pieces of Me by lifelesslyndsey

Progress: The Original Sleep Humper Love Story by 107yearoldvirgin

Emmett's Mom by Corrupted Desires

Goodnight Sweet Girl by Spirare

A lesson in Release/Fate/Love by Lillie Cullen

A murmur of Fire in the Vein by ElleCC

Fate/Love/Hope trilogy by cullen818

Full Circle & The Sword and the Shield by circe290

Golden Moon by NusiainForks

Peace and Answers by abbymickey24

Unknown Saviors by Jaspers Sex Kitten

Nowhere left to run by Spirare

Hush Little Baby by lifelesslyndsey

Sex toy by Oriana de la Rose

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson

Conflicted Soldier by Rosella Whitlock

Mysterious Stranger by jasperskitty

Breaking the habit by TwiXlite

You'll be mine by Jasper's Naughty Girls

The Ancient by TishPhoenix

One more Taste & One final Taste by Kitty Cullen-03

Be my biggest fan by Crash Hale

The Red Line by WinndSinger

Colliding Meteors by Idreamofeddy

Time Heals by abbymickey24

Dark Whispers by Oriana de la Rose

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by lifelesslyndsey

5. The naughty girls would like to take this time to say thank you for entering our contest. Out of all the holiday contests that are always being hosted, what would be yall favorite holiday contest to enter and why?

Shirley - It was our pleasure. Thank you for hosting it. I loved writing 'Searching the Unknown'.

I have no idea. I don't usually write about holidays, but if I'd have to make a choice, I'd go with Valentine's Day, I think. Although,...Is there a Kama Sutra day??

Barbie - I’d like to thank you for this opportunity it’s always a pleasure. And I’d say either a Halloween or a Christmas contest. They are my favorite holidays.

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