Friday, December 31, 2010

Lemon Drizzle

Welcome to week 17!

Each week a picture prompt will be given. Write a drizzle (like a drabble) that is around 1000 words (or less) about the picture given.
The following week's prompt will be at the end of the current week submissions.
Submissions will post on Friday, and should be received no later than Thursday at 7pm (CST). Email it to Lemon Drizzles

The Snowman by Lady Tazz
Pairing: Nessie/Jake
 Beta: AndrewsLove0491

Jake and I had been married  for a few months, and they had been the happiest months of my life. We were living in a house just a few miles from the reservation. It was my family's wedding gift to us, it was their way of making sure that  I could live in a comfortable house that had everything that they thought I needed, and Jake could be near his people and the pack. Most of the pack stopped phasing, as there was no vampire threat around Forks, and but Jake kept phasing to keep from aging.

My family moved to Seattle last year. Carlisle worked in a hospital there and my parents, aunts and uncles are going to college. My mom was thrilled to be going to college, she loved school.

Life was perfect for me, I had everything I could ask for, and so much more.

 I woke up Christmas Eve morning to the light coming through the window. A smile graced my face, it was snowing, we would have a white Christmas. I loved the snow, I could play in it for hours and never get cold, one of the blessings of being a hybrid; and Jake loved rolling around in it in wolf form. I rolled over to find an empty bed. I sat up, confused, and where was Jake?

I quickly got up and started searching for him. I found coffee brewed in the kitchen, so I knew he was around. I glanced out the kitchen window and I saw a shirtless Jake making a snowman, he had made me one every time it snowed since I was young. I watched for a few minutes as I remembered all the snowmen Jake had made me over the years. After we started dating, the making of a snowman always lead to incredible sex afterward. He seemed so happy and pleased with himself as he put the finishing touches on. I loved how he made the simple things in life so meaningful. Just watching him sent a jolt of arousal through my body, thinking about what was going to happen next. I needed him now!

I ran for the door, so excited to get to him, I didn't realize all I had on was my black bra and panties.

“Jake, it snowed!” I yelled once I got outside.

“Ness, do you realize you’re in your underwear?” he laughed as he placed a Santa hat on the snowman.

“Yes,” I said as I flung my arms around him, tackling him in the snow.

“Good thing we are surrounded by trees, Mrs. Black, or the neighbors would get quite a show,” he laughed as he kissed me. “Good morning, my beautiful wife.”

“Morning, my handsome husband, thanks for the snowman,” I said as I placed kisses all over his face.

“You’re welcome, babe,” he said as he kissed me.

The kiss started out innocent, but quickly became heated and filled with need. I moaned as our tongues met.

“Ness, we have to stop, we are outside in the snow,” he said as he sat up, pulling me with him.

I got up and walked over to the snowman that my very sexy, wonderful, and thoughtful husband had made me. I grabbed the Santa hat, placed it on my head, then placed a simple kiss on its cheek. I slowly turned to Jake, smiled, and took off for the house. I glanced over my shoulder, and Jake was right behind me.

We made it into the entryway when Jake suddenly pinned me up against the wall.

“Did you think you could get away that easily, Mrs. Black?” he whispered in my ear, as his strong hands gently caressed my breasts. “You're beautiful,” he said as he tore off my bra, and his skillful mouth licked and nipped at my breasts.

“Please,” was all I could say.

“Please, what?” he said as he pushed his erection into my core.

A moan of pleasure escaped my lips as I felt how hard he was. “I need you, Jake,” I said as my hand traveled down his body to his sweat pants and I pushed them down, knowing he had on nothing underneath them.

My hand wrapped around his cock and I started to stroke him.

“I need to be inside you now, Ness,” he growled as he ripped my panties off. “Wrap your legs around me, baby,” he said, and with one hard thrust he was deep inside me.

“God, Jake!” I screamed in pleasure.

“You’re so fucking wet, baby,” he said as he moved in and out of me.

“God,,” I pleaded.

He began to thrust into me harder, over and over again, until my body started tremble.

“Oh...Jake!  I moaned.

“Ness, I',” he said as he pounded into me harder.

He slid his hand between us, and rubbed my very sensitive clit, sending me over the edge.

“J…a…k..e!  I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Fuck” was all Jake said as he found his release.

“I love you so much, Ness,” he said as he placed soft kisses on my lips.

“I love you too, Jake.”

~It has to be durty. (rated M or NC-17)
~Should be beta'd. Let me know if you can't find one
~Has to have Twi-pairing(s), in any combination
~Has to incorporate the picture...(we should be able to tell easily that the photo and drizzle go together.)
~It has to be lemony.

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