Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Naughty Girls Rec Control


Summary - My submission for the JNG's Teach Me the Nasty Contest. Bella runs the Swan Stables. What happens when Jasper is hired to train the new race horse. Will he turn Bella's world upside and and will she lose control.

We're proud to feature yet another amazing entry from our Teach Me the Nasty Contest. And, we're pleased to announce that Lady Tazz had decided to continue on with this fic!  That excites us more than you know!

So, let me tell you a Fandom story. Once upon a time (last December, I believe) a reader found a little story I like to call Fate Has Brought Us Here over on Twilighted. Now, she was strictly a canon girl and had never read a (gasp) Jasper/Bella fic before. She wanted to read Fate, but she was scared to death over what I had planned for Edward and Alice. She e-mailed me and expressed her concerns. I promised her that it was a Trilogy and I would do my best to resolve Edward and Alice's futures. I like to think I kept my promise. So, here we are one year later and not only is Lady Tazz well versed in the Non-Canon, AU,  but she's actually writing a J/B fic herself! I like to think I had just a little something to do with that! If I didn't, don't burst my bubble!

Control is hot. Jasper in the stables? How could you go wrong with that as your setting? Bella is broken and skittish after coming out of a humiliating, unsuccessful marriage with Edward. What happens after she has an explosive first evening with her new hired hand?  Hmm...you can only imagine. I'm thrilled that Lady Tazz has decided to continue this story. She's got a pretty good handle on our boy and I can't wait to see where she takes this one!

Okay, so I squee'd like a fangirl when I found out that Lady Tazz was going to continue Control. I am so excited to see what she has in store for us with Jasper and Bella. For an author that used to strictly be a canon girl, well she sure knows how to work with Jasper. Yeah, he could come and train my horses (or me) any day. So have you read Control yet? If not, well what the fuck is stopping you? I mean seriously you have got to check this story out and then you will be begging for more. I promise.


  1. WOW, *wipes tear away*

    I'm blown away, but your incredible words.

    Steph, has it been a year already? Wow, it feels like yesterday I read your trilogy, that probs because I just re read not that long ago! You and only you are responsible for turning me into a Jasper girl. You are also responsible for me writing anything, you have me the courage to go for it! I'm blown away by your rec, I have had a rough few days, but you have made me squee today!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Your stories have made an impact on me also, I loved A New Love (waiting patiently for a Forbidden love to update *winks*) and Your little hot story The Hot Empath, Beautiful Human, The Sexy Doctor - gaves me my Jasper and a bonus of a Dirty daddy C, *fans self*.

    Well, my next story is going to be a Carlisle/Bella AH Secret Lovers - inspired my 1st lemon drizzle I did for this blog! I would like to think you, Kathy had a bit to do with my Daddy C obsession!

    Steph and Kathy,
    You both have made my day and I also adore you collab You'll Be Mine.


  2. I read Control a week or so ago on a rec or from list on TwiWrite...I can't remember! All I do remember is that Jasper, horses & stables had me all hot & bothered & was kinda disappointed it wasn't a full story...How much do I love reading Steph saying it's gonna be continued? ***WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO & a little boob jiggle cause I was jumpin up & down!*** I can't wait to read on! YAY!

  3. I WANT A JASPER.. If you see this, Control has 5 chapters now and chapter 6 will hit next week, as I'm writing now!