Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs How to Win Back the Love of Your Existence by Missypooh


It's 4 years after Edward leaves Bella. There are no werewolves. Bella & Jake were never more than friends. Bella has grown up, graduated from College, has a boyfriend & is moving back to Seattle to attend Law School when her path crosses Edward's. EPOV

This story is complete and it has a sequel that is a WIP How to Get Your Balls Back. This story starts out like most. Edward, the idiot leaves Bella in New Moon. Bella gets on with her life, meets and is in a relationship with an older man, a doctor, that is into kink. Edward ends up being on the same flight as her and they talk. Can Edward win her back? Can Edward and his old fashioned ways cope with her new 'lifestyle' choice? How will Cullen handle this 'new' feisty Bella?

In this fic Edward is as clueless as ever, Jasper and Emmett try to help with very funny results. And the main thing is Tanya is just a good friend who ends up helping Edward the most using a peach!! Who knew vampires could be so creative!

This fic is incredible sexy, naughty, and funny as hell!


Here is a glimps into this story: (spoiler alert)

From chapter 4:

"But Bella, I came in here and saw you; he had you tied up, you were clearly struggling. Look at your wrists love. Don't you remember?"

"Edward, please listen to me. I was not attacked." I start to protest and she cuts me off. "Dammit Edward...please just listen." She takes a deep breath and continues "I was tied up and I did struggle but it was not what you think." She says and her face is aflame with her blush. "I knew that Julian was coming to the apartment and he was going to tie me up and bring me here. We planned it. You know?"

"No Bella I don't know. What are you saying...he told you ahead of time of his plans to rape you?" I am utterly confused and am desperately trying to make sense of what she has just said. Maybe he warned her and she didn't heed his warning and she somehow feels it is her fault? Why does she always feel she has to take the blame when other people hurt her I wonder. She squares her shoulders and continues. "No's a game we like to play...for bed. It's like role playing. I pretend I am being attacked and he pretends he is attacking me."


This story is an easy read as the chapter are not very long. You will get swept away in the sexiness and the comedy that is Emmett. So click the link and start reading. You know you want to!
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Till next time, stay naughty! *winks*

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