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Lemon Drizzle

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A Day At The Beach by Lady Tazz

Pairing: Emmett/Bella
Beta: AndrewsLove0491

I woke up to the sun shining through the sheer panel on the bedroom window. Emmett was still sound asleep. A smile graced my face when the memories from yesterday went through my head; the roadside romp, Emmett wanting me to move with him and start a life together. All my wildest dreams were coming true.

“Morning,” Emmett said as he kissed me.

“Morning,” I giggled. “You hungry?”


“I will start breakfast, you make the coffee.”

“Deal,” he agreed.

We leisurely ate our breakfast and just lounged around all morning. Emmett made us a light lunch.

“Let's go into town and look around,” Emmett said.

“Okay, sounds like a plan. Let's save some time and water by showering together,” I said, winking at him.

Suddenly he picked me up, threw me over his shoulders, and ran to the shower.


We took a nice stroll down the boardwalk, as we licked our ice cream cones. We stopped in a few shops along the way. This little getaway was turning out to be the best weekend of my life.

“Let's get a quick bite eat before heading back. You up for pizza?” he asked.

“Pizza sounds great,” I replied.

We ate a little pizza stand on the boardwalk. It was the perfect day.


We arrived back at our little villa in the middle of nowhere. We hung out on the deck talking and drinking a few beers.

“Hey, let's  go for a swim,” I said.

“Great idea, babe, it's the perfect evening for one.”

We changed into our suits and headed for the water. We stopped and looked out at the ocean. The view was amazing as the sun was just starting to set. I looked all around us, no one else in site, we were really alone.

We swam for a while and then just sat on the beach, kissing and touching each other.

“Emmett,” I moaned.

Before I knew it, I was laying on my back and he had my bikini top off. His mouth was everywhere. He took his time worshiping each of my breasts, licking, sucking, and biting.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

“Bella, the sounds you make, only make me want to fuck you so hard,” he said, as he took off my bikini bottoms and slid a finger into me.

“You're always so wet and ready for me. I want taste your sweet pussy.”

I screamed out in pleasure as he licked my swollen folds and bit my clit.


“That's right, baby, scream my name. Your pussy belongs to me.”

He slid another finger in me, as his tongue never stopped licking my clit, over and over. My body started to tremble and my orgasm hit strong and hard. His fingers kept pumping in and out of me and he bit down on my clit.

“Fuck!” I screamed as I rode wave after wave out.

Before I could even catch my breath, he had his shorts off, and with one thrust he was deep inside of me.

“Mine!” he yelled.

“Yes, yours!” I cried out in ecstasy.

He pounded into fast and hard, my eyes rolled back in pleasure. I never fully came down from my orgasm, and here he was, fucking me so hard. I could feel another orgasm building. He continued thrusting his cock in and out of me.

I pushed on his chest and rolled over in the sand, I was straddling him. I wanted to be in control this time. I slid up and down on his cock at a pace that was pushing us both very close to our releases.

“Bella, fuck, that feels so good.”
I started riding him faster and harder, every nerve in my body was on fire.

“I'm close, baby, so are you. Let go, now!” he growled, as he reached between our bodies and rubbed my clit, sending me spiraling into my second mind-blowing orgasm.

“Oh...God!” I screamed.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he came hard.

I fell on top of him, in complete satisfied and exhausted.

When we could catch our breath, we realized we had sand everywhere. We ran into the water to clean ourselves off. We wrapped our towels around ourselves, looked for our suits,  and headed back.


We sat on the deck talking and laughing, just being together.

“Baby, moving and building this house is going to be fun. We get to decorate it just perfectly for us,” he said.

“Emmett, it's your house,” I said, not understanding what he meant.

“No, baby, it will be our house. I will be right back, I need to grab something,” he said and disappeared.

I really felt like I was missing something. Yes, I was his girlfriend, but surely he didn't want me to help him with the plans for the house. Emmett was back in a flash with a very huge smile on his face.

He knelt down next to me.

“Bella, you know I love you, and I want to spend forever with you, right?”

I nodded.

“Will you marry me?”

My hand flew over my mouth, I was blown away. “Yes, yes I will!” I said, as I threw my arms around him and kissed him.

He pulled a ring out of his pocket and placed it on my finger.

“I love you,” I said.

“Bella, the house I'm building, I'm building for us. You're it for me,” he said, as he kissing me so passionately my head spun.


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