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Naughty Girl For A Day - Lady Tazz

I honestly cannot believe that we've never had this author as a Naughty Girl For A Day...

Lady Tazz has been a great friend to the naughty girls and is in the process of penning a few delicious stories of her own. Control and Secret Lovers are right at the top of my reading list! You've probably also noticed that she is an active participant in the Lemon Drizzle Segment. Not only are we excited to have her as a JNG for the day, but she'll be back on Friday when she takes over the Lemon Drizzle post for us. We're so excited she'll be joining us around here and we're hoping she hops in and recs with us as well, starting today...

Hello all, my name is Tammy, and I'm thrilled to be here today! I squeed like crazy when Steph (cullen818) asked me. As most of you know I fangirl over her BIG TIME!

Today, I would like to tell you about three stories that are all very naughty and I love them for it. My hope is that one or all of them will catch your eye.

Menage a Trois by edwardsisobel
Bella comes home early to find her new husband and best friend in a compromising position. Since it has been a fantasy of hers she joins them, but what will the consequences of that night be on her marriage and friendship. Edward/Bella/Jasper
Well, this story is all kinds of naughty, who would not want to be Bella in this situation.
From chapter 1:
So, yes, instead of being shocked, I stood there planning how best to join in. I wondered how Edward would feel about my friend pleasuring both of us. More moisture coated my panties at the thought and I stifled a groan. I wanted to watch for a little longer because this was seriously the hottest thing I had ever seen.

I watched as long fingers reached up and stroked my husband's fine bottom before two of them entered his asshole. Edward groaned at the sensation and his cock hardened noticeably at the action. My pussy clenched with the remembered feel of those two same digits entering my ass and I was hard pressed to stand still. Somehow I managed to remain motionless, although my fingers were probably leaving dents in the wooden door frame. I was glad I did when the two fingers, after pumping into my husband's body for a little while, were suddenly removed and replaced with my best friend's incredibly good looking cock.

Bella/Edward (?)
To most, Bella Swan is the image of the quintessential businesswoman. But buried deep behind a thick skin and designer clothes, she hides secrets both inside and outside the office. Until she loses a promotion, and gets a new boss.

This story I drop everything for, it's amazing and very naughty!! I put a question mark after the pairing because it does not start out that way. You might think it's a Bella/Rose or a Jasper/Bella. The first chapter is full of incredible lemons.

From chapter 1:

Breaking the kiss and throwing my head back to look up in his eyes, I challenged, "This?" I rubbed my fingers up and down emphasizing my point, feeling his dick respond to my touch. "This is most definitely mine."

His mouth came down hard on mine again, until I shoved him into my chair. His hands were already undoing the button to his fly, and his pants and his silk boxers were around his ankles before I could even blink. I liked him eager, but I also liked to make him suffer, so I slowly slid my black thong down and off, hiking up my skirt as if I was a shy school girl. I watched as his dick twitched repeatedly, pointing at me like I was due north on his compass. I'd never told him how it fit so…well. Biting my lower lip in anticipation, I slowly straddled him, taking him in my hand, and running my thumb over the tip of his ready-for-me dick.

"It's all yours, baby," he breathed. "Take it. Take it now."


"Bella baby, I just wanted to make you feeeel better," she cooed, as her hands glided over the back of my chair. "How about this?" and I felt her hands massaging my shoulders and I had to admit, it felt good. Rose's hands anywhere on my body felt good.

"I've taught you well, beautiful. You always sense what I need," I said as I lowered my head, feeling her roaming fingers on either side of my neck. One of them moved my hair out of the way, and over to my other shoulder.

"How 'bout this, baby?" Her lips grazed over the top of my shoulder left bare by my tank, and up the side of my neck, her tongue licking a path to just under my ear.

"Ummhmm." I wanted her to think she was helping, and she was in a way, but her touch was sending me where I didn't have time to go.

Feral Blood by CarlislaCooper

BELLISLE with ALPHA CARLISLE! Bella learns that her blood 'sings' to Carlisle and how severely repressed his vampiric nature was. She must help him become the vampire he was meant to be with the gift of her love and her blood.

This story is set in New Moon but Bella's birthday party takes a major turn, and her life will never be the same again. This story is amazing and It has me hooked at the moment. It does come with major warnings, there is a lot of blood play! But its majorly HOT!!!

From chapter 1:

His laugh was soft and a little sad. "No. It would seem that way to you, but Esme is not my mate, nor is she my wife. It is part of the fa├žade to make us seem more human."

"Then who…" My question faded into nothingness as his topaz gaze held my chocolate one firmly, and after a moment, my lips parted in a silent O. I dropped my head and stared at the floor for a minute or two, before snorting on an exasperated giggle. "Edward wanted to eat me. James started to eat me. Jasper, obviously, attempted to eat me. And now… Is there any vampire that I could possibly encounter that wouldn't want to suck me dry?"

To my surprise, Carlisle chuckled before pressing a kiss to the top of my head, a gesture that had my heart beating almost double-time. "I can assure you, cara mia, that I could never 'suck you dry', even if I wanted to. You are my mate and it is quite impossible for me to ever harm you in such a manner."

I licked my lips as a hundred questions danced in my head, and before I could stop myself, a couple of them spewed forth. "If I'm your mate, why didn't you say anything in the first place? And why is it that everyone else wants to drink my blood, but you don't?"

"But I do, Isabella." He smiled at me gently as he finished up my stitches. "However, that explanation is longer, so I'll start with the first question.

"The first time I ever encountered you was in the emergency room," he said with a smirk as I blushed. "One of your classmates had come into the hospital with you and your father was standing right next to you the entire, and there were half a dozen nurses and doctors wandering passed the room. It would have been highly inappropriate for me to confess to you there what I was and what you are to me. It was also acutely apparent that you were developing feelings for my son, and while it broke my heart to step aside, as your mate, I live only to see you happy."

~~ Now run, don't walk to read these great stories, and as always when you read remember to leave the authors some love by reviewing!~~

~Lady Tazz

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