Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Between Plaesure & Pain by sadtomato

So, Sunday morning I was drinking my coffee and scanning my TL on twitter, I seen someone tweet about this fic, so I needed to know more. So I asked them what fic they were talking about and she said I would love it even though it's an E/B (everyone seems to know I'm a non canon girl) because there will be some three-some mentoring with Carlisle. So, I basically begged for a link and dove in. I WAS NOT disappointed with the story.

Between Pleasure & Pain by sadtomato
Bella/Edward and some Carlisle
Bella's been keeping her kinky fantasies a secret from her husband, Edward. When he finds out about her dark desires, he turns to Carlisle for guidance. Will Carlisle's mentoring help bring E&B closer or drive them apart? BxExC, AH, BDSM, Rated M!

This story comes with an author warning:
Please note: This is certainly not a manual for safe/sane BDSM behavior, it is a work of fiction. I recommend doing some serious research before engaging in any BDSM activity. 


Edward and Bella are a happily married couple, living the American dream.
Bella loves her husband deeply, but the only way he can 'get her off' is orally. (man I felt dirty typing that) Penetration does do anything for her. She has secret disires and fantasties that she has never told her husband about, because she is ashamed of them.
Edward loves his wife completely and passionately. He treats her with loving and caring hands. He lets it slip one day at lunch that there is talk that Dr.Cullen has a dungeon in his house. This excites Bella, and she may let it slip the next time they the good doctor.

What happens when he comes home early one night and finds Bella pleasing herself to a dirty BDSM fic on the internet?

from chapter 1:

"Bella?" Edward asks, his voice hoarse. My eyes open and I see him standing over me in his scrubs, his eyes wide. I was so involved in my fantasy that I didn't even hear him come in. I pull my hand out of my panties and hide it behind me, as though hiding the evidence of my arousal will make this any better. Tears sting my eyes as I feel the weight of his stare, and I can't even look at him. I close my eyes and turn away, wishing I could crawl out of my skin and hide.

I don't know what I'm expecting-I guess for him to walk away, or to yell, but he shocks me when he grabs my laptop and turns the screen towards him.

"NO!" I shout, lifting up on my knees and reaching for the computer. He pulls it out of my grasp, twisting away so I can't reach it, and I slump down in defeat, mortified. I can't stop him, he's already seen enough to know what I was reading. He skims the screen, raising his eyebrows at what he finds
from chapter 2:

"Would you like another glass of champagne?" he asks, signaling a passing waiter. He switches out Bella's glass with a full one, and she gulps the champagne down greedily. We make small talk for a while, Bella tucked under my arm while we face Carlisle. He mentions some renovations to his home- something about reinforcing some beams- and Bella shocks the hell out of me when she blurts out her next sentence.

"For your dungeon?" she asks, slapping her hand over her mouth as soon as the words are out. She's frozen, mortified, and I can feel myself blushing, too. Carlisle just looks amused.

"Dungeon, huh?" he asks, directing the question to me. I try to look contrite, leaning in to tell him the truth.
"Some of the nurses... well there are some rumors. I don't believe them, I swear, I guess I just mentioned it to Bella in passing..." He chuckles, raising his glass to me.

"No worries, Masen. I know all about the rumors. I don't have a dungeon in my house," he admits, and I think I feel Bella's shoulders slump a little. He takes a swig of champagne before continuing. "It's more of a playroom."
Bella definitely reacts to that, straightening up and looking Carlisle in the eyes. We've done plenty of research online and read a bunch of her dirty stories together, and most of them feature some kind of playroom.

"Really?" she asks, in wonder. She's leaning forward, her eyes wide.

"Yes," Carlisle answers, locking eyes with Bella, and then with me. "Do you two play?" he asks, looking back and forth between Bella and me. We share one of those husband-and-wife moments; a silent conversation, deciding how much to tell this man we barely know. I certainly don't relish sharing my sex life with my colleagues, but the thought of telling someone-knowing they won't judge me-is intriguing. Bella shifts her eyebrows slightly, indicating she's leaving the decision to me.

"We're... learning," I answer, after a long pause. Bella exhales loudly, twisting her fingers in the fabric of my jacket. Carlisle's eyes spark with excitement.

"Learning? Ahhh, I see." He grins, taking a step forward. Bella turns her head, burying her face in my shoulder. "No worries, Bella. I was just wondering, for the purposes of education, if you'd like to see my playroom. I'm only five minutes away from here. I could give you a tour," he offers.


 Edward seeks Carlisle for advice on the 'life style and he becomes their mentor and gives them 'lessons'.

From chapter 2:

"Does it turn you on? Being bound like this?" he asks, rubbing firmly against my clit.

"Yes!" I cry, trying to push my hips against his hand. I move my legs closer together to gain leverage, and he pulls his hand away immediately. I hear the swoosh of air before I feel the riding crop against my thigh.
"Stop moving," Edward commands, and I slide my legs further apart. I'm breathless, focusing on the stinging square of flesh on my leg. He hits me a few more times, and it's not quite painful- just slightly uncomfortable. The sound of the leather slapping my skin and the look of concentration on Edward's face makes the experience unbearably erotic.

He drags the crop up my leg slowly, pressing it between my legs. He rubs it back and forth and I feel it tickling the nerves from my clit to my entrance. I don't know how much more of this I can take- I just want him, now.

"Please!" I beg, and Edward looks into my eyes. His are darker than usual, burning with lust, and I know he needs me too. He looks down, studying my position, and furrows his brow like he's trying to solve a puzzle. Finally he looks over his shoulder, to Carlisle, who is standing a few feet away. He's rubbing the bulge in his pants brazenly, not caring if Edward sees, let alone me.

"You can take her like this," he advises, nodding his head towards me, "it's easiest if you pick up her legs. Or you can turn her around and take her from behind. If you want to use the bench, you can do that too."

Edward looks at me, opening his mouth as though he's going to ask a question.

"Don't ask her, Edward. She's yours to use, yours to care for. Tell her what you want and make her do it. It's what she needs," Carlisle explains, gently. Edward nods, looking around the room as though he's making a plan. Eventually his eyes return to me, and he gives me a small smile before dropping the riding crop and lifting his hands to release my cuffs. I rub my wrists as I pull them down, and Edward places a soft kiss over each of my pulse points.


Read and find out how far our happy couple will let their mentoring with Carlisle go. I would bring a sham wow or two...just saying!

Till next week, stay naughty!


  1. 'I would bring a sham wow or two...just saying!' - *snorts* Hun, I needed about three of those suckers just reading your little summary of the story. DAYUM! I love me some BDSM..............*sigh* Makes me want to dig out my nipple clamps, handcuffs, and other various toys.............;)

    Thanks for the rec, Ladies!


  2. LOL, ok maybe a sham wow or five, and maybe some extra batteries...just saying!!