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Lemon Drizzle

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This Weeks's Pic Prompt

This weeks drizzles:

A Night Out by Lady Tazz

Pairing Emmett/Bella
Beta: my4Queens

I was in my apartment getting ready, Emmett was taking me out on a date tonight. I have been dating Emmett for a few months now and he is amazing. He is a little older then me, but I have never dated anyone like him before. He is sweet, cuddly, funny, and he is most definitely sex on legs. As we got to know each other our sex life changed. Once I learned to trust him and let go, and give him control over my body, let's just say I have mind blowing orgasms and I have seen stars .

I was wearing the black dress he bought me. Alice, my best friend and roommate, told me to wear a body stocking under the dress and nothing else. She knew it would drive Emmett crazy. She was going to visit her parents overnight, so Emmett and I would have the apartment all to ourselves. The thought of the things he would do to my body later was turning me on. I slide my heels on and grabbed my purse. He would be here any minute.


We just returned to my place, we were sitting on the sofa drinking a glass of wine and talking.

“Thanks for an incredible night Em.”

“Baby, I hope the incredible part is till to come,” he whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck, sending a shiver through my body. “ Lets go to your room.”

Once in my room, he came up behind me and ran his hands all over my body.

“Mine,” he said, as he lifted my dress over my head and tossed it to the side. He turned me around and I stood in front of him wearing nothing but a black fishnet body stocking and my heels.

I took a step back. “Fuck, Bella, your sexy as hell,” he said, as his eyes took in my body.

I could feel my arousal spike at the way his eyes were fucking me.

“I want you to unzip my pants and take my cock in your mouth.”

I did what I was told and unfastened his pants and wrapped my hands around his hard cock, I squatted down and licked the tip and slowly took him into my mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I hummed around him causing him to hiss is pleasure. He tasted so good.

“God, baby, your mouth is heaven.”

I sucked and licked as I slid his beautiful cock in and out of my mouth, causing him to make delicious noises. I replaced mouth with my hands as I pumped him hard, exploring his balls with my mouth

“Oh, baby, so close.”

I slide my mouth down him again, sucking hard, and taking him in as far as I could. He released his fluid into my eager mouth and I gladly swallowed it all, licking him clean.

“Bella, that was amazing, come here baby,” He cooed.

I stood up and he crashed his lips to mine, kissing me fiercely as his hands grabbed my breasts.

“Fuck, I need you naked now,” he said.

I took my heels off and slide the body stocking slowly down my body, licking my lips as I looked into his eyes, and tossed it to the side.

“Lay on the bed,” he said in a stern voice.

I laid down on the bed and waited in anticipation of what was to come. He slide my body down to the end of the bed spreading my legs. I felt his tongue on me and I let out a load moan.


His tongue was working my body into a frenzy. When I felt his two fingers enter me, I thought I would black out from all the pleasure. His tongue hit my clit and my body spiraled into an amazing orgasm.

“Your pussy tastes divine, baby,” He said, as he stripped his clothing off. “I want you to fuck me, Bella.”

I nodded. “Lay down then,” I said in a soft voice.

“What did you say?”

“Lay down, so I can fuck you,” I said.

“That's my girl,” he said, as he laid down.

I lowered my self slowly on him enjoying the way he felt as he filled me. I placed my hands on his chest for leverage and started to fuck him hard and fast. His hands were on my breasts.

“I love your tits,” he said, as he pinched my nipples.

“Fuck Emmett,” I moaned.

“Ung, I love to watch you fuck me,” he groaned.

His words alone could send me over the edge. I leaned back and I rode him hard, sending us both over the edge and into orgasmic bliss.


Carlisle Please… by Cullen818

It had been a long and exhausting day at the hospital. It wasn’t that I didn’t have stressful days as a surgeon, but being Chief of Staff was far more demanding than I ever could’ve imagined. It was a position I’d always coveted and now that it had finally come to fruition, I embraced it, but it left me with very little personal time. 
It was taking a toll on my new bride as well. Bella was twenty years my junior, but she was my soul mate. When she joined our nursing program, I fell head over heels in love with her. She understood my new position was going to be time consuming. She also knew if we got married, there were certain things we just weren’t going to be able to experience together. 
I had several serious reservations about marrying a woman so much younger than me. I had two grown children of my own. Rosalie was marrying her high school sweetheart Emmet in a few weeks and Edward was currently enrolled in medical school. I had lived a whole other life before even meeting Bella. Maybe I should’ve left her alone. I was selfish for wanting her the way I did. But, before I even put that ring on her finger, she promised to accept me for who I was. 

I had done the children thing; dance recitals, t-ball, Saturday morning soccer games, proms and college tuitions. It wasn’t that I didn’t like being a father, but that part of my life was over and now I was focusing on my career. Bella told me it didn’t matter, she just wanted to spend the rest of her life with me, but a few months after we married, she started hinting about a baby, and ever since she turned twenty-five, it was all she talked about.

Did I really want to go there again?

I entered the foyer and threw my keys down on the table, loosening my tie and dropping my briefcase by the door. I couldn’t wait to pour myself a scotch, take a hot shower and settle in for the evening.  

“Baby, I’m home,” I called for my wife.

I reached for the lamp on the table, but before I could switch it on, I saw her slender figure suddenly appear in front of me. I could tell from the outside porch light she was wearing a short black dress that zippered up the front, fishnet stockings and ‘fuck me’ black stilettos.
What was she up to?
“Leave it off,” she whispered. She took my face between her hands and barely brushed her lips against my mouth. “Welcome home, Dr. Cullen.”

“Hmm,” I mumbled as I tangled my fingers in her long brown locks. 

“I missed you,” she whispered. “Twelve hours is a long time.”

I pulled her lips to mine and fiercely attacked them, pushing my tongue inside her mouth and moving it against hers. Suddenly, I wasn’t tired and neither was my dick.

She ran her hands down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as she went, but leaving my suit jacket intact.
I reached for the zipper of her dress and slowly lowered it, pulling it over her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. I let out a low moan when I saw she wasn’t wearing anything other than those stockings under that dress. Her freshly waxed pussy was practically begging me to lick it. I trailed my fingers down her bare stomach and to her waistband.

She grabbed my hand and shook her head as she reached for my belt buckle, making quick work of the button and zipper. She pressed her palms against my chest and gently pushed me down onto the foyer rug, leaning me against the front door.

“I want to relieve your work tension,” she whispered as she kneeled between my legs, opening my pants and slipping them along with my boxers just below my hips.

She leaned her head between my thighs, causing me to shiver as her warm breath tickled my balls. She lowered her plump lips to my swollen cock and ran her tongue just over my tip.

“Fuck!” I gripped the rug in one hand and reached for a hand full of her hair in the other, guiding her over me.
She took the base of my cock in her hand, swirling her tongue over the tip a few more times before taking as much of me into her mouth as she could handle. 

Thankfully the girl had no gag reflex.

“Bella,” I moaned. “So fuckin’ good, baby.”

“Hmm,” she hummed around my desperate dick. The vibration alone almost made me prematurely lose my load. I tightened my hold on her hair and jerked her head back and forth. She liked when I was rough.
She took my balls in her hand and gave then a tug and then a gentle squeeze, but that wasn’t what did me in. No, it was her teeth! She scraped them against my sensitive skin a few times before deep-throating me one last time.

“Fuck! Bel…la!”

I shot my load in long, hot spurts down her throat before releasing her hair and frantically rubbing her scalp. She gave me a minute to calm down before she spoke.

“Please Carlisle,” she said as she crawled on top of me and rested her head against my chest.
I was still panting and trying to get myself under control from that heart thumping orgasm, but I knew exactly what she was asking.

“Oh Isabella,” I sighed. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

“I love you so much and I see how much Edward and Rosalie adore you. I want you to give me a baby.”
I stroked her back and thought about what she was asking. 

“I won’t ever ask you for anything else,” she whispered. “It’s just I need to do this with you.  I thought I could live the rest of my life without a baby, but I didn’t realize how badly I’d want that with you.”

“You were too young to make such a promise to me.” I tilted her chin up so that I had to look in those trusting brown eyes and see what I had done to her. “I never should have asked. I knew I wouldn’t be enough.”

“No!” She shook her head as she tried to hold in the tears. “You’re everything to me.”

“As you are to me,” I whispered and then gently pressed my lips to hers. “I can’t deny you anything.”

She pulled back and looked at me for a few seconds before speaking.

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“I’m saying yes,” I answered. 

“Really?” The tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Really.” I smiled.


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