Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There seems to be a Zombie Explosion or Invasion (whichever you prefer) here in the Fandom. I've seen several fics popping up with a Zombie theme. It puts a whole new spin on a Fandom that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. As much as I love the traditional or non-canon stories, sometimes it can all start to feel the same. And, that's no one's fault considering we're using the same characters over and over again.

But, the Zombie idea intrigues me. There are several out there that I have not yet tackled, but the one I want to rec today is setting the bar extremely high.


Summary - Flesh and blood. That's what our lives had become. They consume the flesh, we consume the blood.

From the collaborative minds of Hammerhips and Jasper's Izzy (that should tell you right there it's going to be sheer genius) comes a creepy tale of something just aint right in Forks. Hmm...I wonder what it could be?

We start out as an E/B fic. Will they do it?  Won't they do it?  Then the freaky starts happening. Something funky takes over Forks and I'm not gonna even tell you what. It's too cool to spoil!

This Bella is funny and quirky and even under extreme stress she finds a way to cope. Well somewhat. But, I can assure you never in any other Twific have I read her dealing with these circumstances.


I really don't know what to write, but I have nothing better to do so I figured I better get something down on paper in case... well, in case I die a horrible death down here.

Whoever finds this, if by some odd chance I pull an Elvis and die on that toilet in the corner, do me a favor and pull my pants up and sit me on the couch. The way my life is going right now, that's exactly how I'm going to die.

I always thought I'd die climbing into the shower, that way I'd be naked in a ridiculous pose with my ass sticking up in the air. I don't know what's worse: toilet death or shower death. Crap. I'm getting off track, here.

This letter is for the people I care about: Renee and Charlie, Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper, and Edward.

Charlie, I don't really know what to say to you except that I didn't tell you often enough how much I truly care about you. Dad, I feel bad. I didn't hug you enough. I didn't tell you how much you meant to me. I'd give anything to have just one more minute with you so I could say I love you. I feel like I'll never get the chance now. I'm so scared for your life after what I witnessed in your bedroom. I can only pray that Carlisle will find a cure and bring you back to me.

I'll warn you now, this one isn't for everyone. It's gory, disturbing and scary, but its well written, a lot of thought went into the story and the suspense is really building now. So, if you're a Zombie kind of girl or you're just looking for a new kinda story, check this one out.

And, if you're feeling really Zombie inspired... enter this cool contest.

Click the link for all the deets. If you're not up to writing one, go and read the entries.

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  1. ZOMG! I totes squeed my pants this morning when I heard about this! I'm glad you're enjoying the story, but I have to say that we're really enjoying writing it!

    Thanks for the epic pimpage!!!!!