Thursday, February 17, 2011

Naughty Moments - New Segment!

Ohhh....what's this?  A new segment!

We were inspired and we have SweetT129 to thank for this. She was our Guest Naughty Girl on Monday and did her whole post on her favorite dirty talking moments. That got me thinking...

Don't you just love it when our sexy Twi-characters say things that get us a little too excited?  I'm constantly shocked and stimulated by what some of you girls come up with. It sends shivers down my spine and my husband usually ends up reaping the benefits. **winks**

So, the Naughty Girls have decided to share with you are favorite pantie soaking moments. We'll start select mornings with the Dirty Dialog Quote of the Day...

Here's what I came up with today...


Summary - It's 4 years after Edward leaves Bella. There are no werewolves. Bella & Jake were never more than friends. Bella has grown up, graduated from College, has a boyfriend & is moving back to Seattle to attend Law School when her path crosses Edward's. EPOV

 Chapter 36

"Edward, talk to me. Does it feel good to you?" she asks, ending her question on a moan.

"Yes, Bella. It feels quite nice actually."

She leans up on her elbows and looks at me while I continue pumping in and out of her at a steady rhythm. "No, talk dirty to me. Tell me what you like."

"I like all of it, Bella," I say, slightly breathless.

"Do you like my pussy?"

"I adore it."

I move her legs to wrap them around my waist and bend down and kiss Bella as hard and as passionately as I dare. My intention is to stop her from saying such things, but now I am simply drowning in the ecstasy of being so connected to Bella. I have to break the kiss for Bella to breath, and I immediately move my lips to her left breast. She has removed her nipple rings so I have complete access to her nipple, and I suckle as if it contains manna from the heavens.

"Say it," she whispers as her breath hitches from me sucking extra hard on her left nipple before moving my lips to the right one.

"Say what, love?" I whisper against her breast.

"Say you love my pussy."

Oh, I want to hear him say it too!

Please feel free to share your dirty delectables in the comment section of this post.


  1. I am SUCH a good influence. Seriously. *mafia nods*

  2. This sis going to be such a fun segment! I love Missypooh's story!!! Thanks Tara for putting this idea in Steph's head!