Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday


Chapter 11 – Patience

I was working with Lightning Bolt when an older man approached.

“Jasper Whitlock?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“I'm Charlie Swan.”

“Nice to meet you Charlie,” I said as I extended my hand. He shook it half halfheartedly.

“I wish I could say the same, and that's Mr. Swan to you.” he quipped.

“You have an incredible track record with horses, that's why I hired you. I didn't expect for you to set your sights on my daughter. Bella is Edward's.”

“I'm sorry C...Mr. Swan, but I was sure Bella told me they were divorced some time ago,” I said. I watched as his eyes glazed over with anger.

“Well, this divorce non sense is going to stop. Edward wants her back, and he will have her,” He said in a matter-of-fact tone dripping with anger. “Son, you seem nice, but if you want to keep this job you better stay away from my daughter. Don't make me say it twice. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

Uncharted Territory by Lady Tazz

(I linked my profile, because its not posted yet, but chapter 1 will be up this weekend, so you can put me on author alert if you want)

Chapter 1 –Just Another Day


I haven't really had a steady boyfriend since Edward. That was a very ugly break-up to a very lethal relationship; I still can't believe I let things get that bad. Since then, I freak when a guy gets to close. It's easier just too be alone than let someone in.

My shrink says that I need to deal with my problems before my problems deal with me. Whatever the fuck does that even mean? I swear the woman speaks in nothing but bumper stickers. I let out a laugh remembering some of her other sayings, “Bella, you wont be happy until you find happiness within yourself.” Or my personal favorite “I can't help you, unless you want to be helped.” That one always cracked me up, she made sound like I choose to be this alone and miserable.

I do date here and there, that is when Alice deems it necessary to fix me up. I really wish she would let it go. She keeps telling me that a girl has needs; like I don't know that. It's the very reason why I carry condoms with me when I'm in the mood. I mean, I work at a club, so if I need an itch scratched, its pretty damn easy. My motto is 'take care of you', so that's what I always try to do. It can be rather amusing how many hotel keys I get offered every night. Men are truly easy and total pigs.

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