Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs Paper Hearts by Hezpixie

Today I'm bringing you a completed fic. I came across this story as I was cleaning out my FF favorites. I decided to read it.

Bella and Edward fall in and out of love over the course of 5 years. We begin at the end, we end at the beginning, and somewhere in the middle, we realize just how easy it is to lose each other along the way.

I usually don't read angsty fics, it's kinda my own rule. In the chapter 1 Author Notes she states that this is not a HEA. I still decided to read and by the end of chapter 1 I was in tears, i was sobbing by the end of 3.

This story is incredible, well thought out, and the plot is completely heartbreaking. The thing that struck me was how real the story was. In real life happily ever after rarely happens, and life is full of heartbreak, betrayal, and regret.

~Story comes with a major tissue alert~

Here is the trailer:

The good news is that spanglemaker9 entered the FanFic My FanFic contest and picked Paper Hearts.

So, after you read Paper Hearts go read this The Next Ten Minutes, it helps let them go, knowing that maybe they were able to make it work after all.

My entry for the FanFic My FanFic contest, based on Paper Hearts by Hezpixie. Is the end really the end? Or is there a chance that Edward and Bella can fix what went wrong? First Place- Judge's Choice.

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