Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

Here are this weeks teasers!

Chapter 15


The moment she opened the door and revealed an attractive, young human, I could feel a dark rumble building in my chest and I had to keep myself in close check so the sound did not escape and alert this lesser male to what I was. That, however, did not stop me from stalking forward and encasing her in my arms when I saw his eyes flicker lower for a brief moment, from bending my body over hers in a show of absolutely possession. I rested my chin on one of her shoulders and glared angrily, everything about my demeanor screaming ‘Mine! Do not even think about touching her, because she is mine!’ I felt my lips curled back in an ugly, silent snarl then smirked when my senses detected the barest trace of ammonia, indicating that the boy had wet himself slightly.
I continued to glower at the door until Isabella turned in my arms and her spicy aroma hit me. I felt my cock swell even more as her gaze raked over my body and it jerked violently as her lips parted and her eyes settled on the bulge straining my jeans. Yes, Isabella…I know what you need and soon you will have it. I knew that by the next morning, I would have mounted her and mated with her, have covered her in my scent and even marked her, if she would allow it. I would claim her tonight. I would make her mine and mine alone
Chapter 10

I swear, Bella's body and mine we were made to fit each other. We were perfectly in synch, she met me thrust for thrust.

The feeling of her warmth around me and the moans that slipped from her lips drove me mad. I could feel her body starting to tighten around me and I moved in and out of her faster and deeper till she met her release.

“Edddddddddddddddddward,,” she moaned.

With a few more thrust I found my release. “Forever and for always, Bella,” I moaned as I leaned down and bit into her neck. Her blood tasted so good, too good. I had to will myself to stop. I loved her, I needed her, I could do this for us. I started to release my venom into her.

Chapter 7

When I arrived home Monday night, Bella was still sleeping. Ms. Cope said she hadn't stirred at all. I went to check on her and found her peacefully sleeping. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, she was very warm.

Bella, Bella, wake up,” I pleaded, as I lightly shook her. I small moan came from her mouth.


What?” She barely got out in a whimper.

I just wanted to make you were okay.”

I was, but now that I'm awake, I'm uncomfortable,” she responded in a whimper.

What's wrong? What Hurts?”

Everything hurts, my head the most. Water...can I have water?”


We do teaser every week, we will take any pairing!

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