Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cullen818 Recs...My Greatest Masterpiece


Summary - AH OOC. Edward is given custody of his best friend's daughter after his passing, and he introduces her to a new world as he molds her into a work of art. Will Bella be able to get past Edward's selfishness before he breaks her? BDSM themes/graphic lemons.

DISCLAIMER - This story contains an underage Bella (17) and a much older Edward (42). Not  your kinda kink, don't read it!

It's definitely my kinda kink. lol  This is one hawt little tale, I'm not gonna lie!

Charlie has left his daughter to his best friend Edward upon his death. Bella has always had a crush on the attractive, domineering Mr. Masen, but she has no idea the secret he keeps. Edward recognizes Bella's submissive tendencies right away and is thrilled that she is now under his wing.

The lemons in this story are quite steamy and we haven't even gotten to penetration yet. But, I'll admit, its hardly a fluffy tale of romance. I'm not the author of this, so I can't say that it will eventually move in that direction, although I always hold out hope, especially when the characters have a chemistry that effortlessly comes through. But, its a captivating journey none the less. Bella is enthralled with this man and wants more than anything to please him, but she is relatively still a child and has no idea the life she has stepped into. Edward should know better and probably does, but he can't resist her and he's taking her into his life the only way he knows how.

As I said in my disclaimer, if the older man and underage girl bothers you, skip this one. But, if you can get lost in the fiction aspect of it and accept it as entertainment, I think you'll really enjoy this one, if you're into the D/s stories.  Oh, and there's even a dominant, OB/GYN Carlisle in this one. Dies...

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